8 Teacher-Approved Ways to Help Your Child With Online Learning

Unsplash / Andrew Ebrahim

With most schools closed, what initially seemed like the world’s longest day off has since evolved into an uncharted area of stress and grainy Zoom calls. No matter how hard you might wish it, the unfortunate reality is that no teacher is going to show up in your living room to save the day, making the school day a million times more hands-on for many parents.

Without an in-person educator, parents are now the ones who have to guide their children throughout their academics, which is a lot of added responsibility in the midst of an already anxiety-ridden pandemic. Luckily, if you’re having difficulty keeping your kids on task and engaged with their work, there are some strategies that can help make virtual schooling easier for them. We talked to teachers about what they suggest for parents wondering how to help their kids with online learning, and their advice will make it seem as though your kids never left the classroom.

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