These Are the Most Popular Traditional Boys Names

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Traditional boys names are still super popular today, with names like Tom, Jack and Harry still being among the most used in the 21st Century.

It’s really nice to keep tradition alive when it comes to names, and these traditional boys names all come with a rich history and background in literature, monumental leaders and religion.

We’ve pulled together a list of 50+ of the most popular traditional boys names.

A. Adam, Adrian, Alan, Alexander, Anthony, Andrew, Arthur, Austin.

B. Benjamin, Blake, Bradley, Brandon, Brian.

C. Caleb, Cameron, Charles, Christian, Christopher, Clark, Connor.

D. Daniel, David, Derek, Douglas, Dylan.

E. Edward, Eli, Elliot, Elijah, Emmett, Eric, Ethan.

F. Frank, Frederic.

G. Gabriel, George, Graham, Gregory.

H. Harry, Henry, Hugh.

I. Isaac, Ian, Isaih.

J. Jack, Jacob, James, Jared, Jason, Jesse, Joel, Jonathon, Jordan, Joshua, Julian, Justin.

K. Keith, Kenneth.

L. Lawrence, Leo, Luke, Lucas, Louis.

M. Manuel, Marcus, Mark, Martin, Matteo, Matthew, Max, Michael, Miguel.

N. Nathan, Nathaniel, Nicholas, Noah.

O. Oliver.

P. Patrick, Paul, Peter, Philip.

Q. Quentin.

R. Raymond, Reid, Richard, Robert, Roberto, Roger, Russell, Ryan.

S. Samuel, Scott, Sean, Stephen.

T. Theodore, Thomas, Timothy, Travis.

U. N/A

V. Victor, Vincent.

W. Wesley, William.

X. Xavier.

Y. N/A

Z. Zachary.

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