Gadgets and Gizmos a Plenty to Make Your Next Holiday a Breeze

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For many, overseas adventure inevitably means travel stress. But, if you’re not about that life and want to get through your holiday without a hitch, we suggest packing smart. By that, we mean thinking about all the little things that might go wrong, and then finding a gadget or gizmo to buy ahead of time that’ll prevent it.

Not sure where to start? Ahead, we’ve pulled together a handy list of clever items to help calm the pre-flight freakout and make your vacay breezy and stress-free.

Le Café Noir Pearl Phone Wristlet/Bracelet

Louve Collection Le Café Noir Black Phone Case & Pearl Phone Wristlet/Bracelet ($74)

Losing your phone, passport or anything overseas feels like the end of the world. You’ll be pleased to know then that there’s a way you can keep it safely in your reach. You might have seen it donned by Emily Park in Netflix’s “Emily In Paris”. It’s the Le Café Noir Black Phone Case & Pearl Phone Wristlet/Bracelet ($74). And if your friend is snapping pics of you on their phone, it doubles as a stylish accessory.

Compression Socks

Paire Merino Wool Compression Socks - travel Essentials
Paire Compression Socks ($39)

Improve your comfort and circulation with a pair of Paire’s Compression Socks ($39). One happy buyer on the Paire site said, “Purchased these socks for long haul flights. The compression is greater than what I have previously worn and yet are much more comfortable. They feel supportive and soft. Comfortable around the toes and foot bed like all Paire socks. As Winter draws near, I will be wearing them as every day socks for warmth and comfort, not just for travelling.”


a-beauty Avocado Zinc SPF50 100ml - Travel Essentials
a-beauty Avocado Zinc SPF50 100ml ($40)

Throw Avocado Zinc’s SPF50 ($40) into your luggage for on-the-go sun protection. This 100ml tube is full of goodness — avocado oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, calendula oil, and Kakadu plum oil — and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Mirage Waterproof Phone Pouch

Mirage Waterproof Phone Case - Travel Essentials Mirage Waterproof Phone Case ($7.90)

With 140 five-star reviews, this other travel essential ensures the safety of your phone if you’re spending heaps of time by the water or on the sand. The Mirage Waterproof Phone Case ($7.90) is a no-brainer for an island-based vacays.

International Travel Adaptor

Bourne Australia NZ to Europe Bali Travel Power Adapter BOURNE - Travel Essentials
Bourne Australia NZ to Europe Bali Travel Power Adapter ($19.90)

If you’re headed to Europe or Bali, this Travel Power Adapter ($19.90) is a travel essential to charge any tech or plug in hair tools at your accommodation. USA or Japan bound? Grab this adapter instead.

Suitcase Organizers

8Pcs Suitcase Storage Organizer - Travel Essentials 8pc Suitcase Storage Organizers ($32.44)

Make packing for a long stint simple and organized with this 8pc Suitcase Storage Set ($32.44). They’re especially helpful for sorting through your bag and trying to find an outfit. In the set, you’ll find an extra large, large and two medium packing cubes, underwear and laundry bags, a toiletry pouch and mini zippered bag.

5,000mAh Power Bank

Cygnett 5,000mAh ChargeUp Boost Gen3 Power Bank - Travel Essentials
Cygnett 5,000mAh ChargeUp Boost Gen3 Power Bank ($39.50)

Walking out of the house with a 37% phone battery on a night out in your home city might be okay. But when you’re in unfamiliar territory, you’re playing a big game of risk. Throw one of these 5,000mAh Power Bank ($39.50) into your purse for a quick charge-up.

Vacuum Storage Bags & Hand Pump

GDHCE Vacuum Storage Bags. - Travel Essentials
GDHCE Vacuum Storage Bags & Hand Pump ($26.04)

Another quick and easy packing solution if you’re trying to squeeze a few more things into your suitcase or duffel than it can actually handle. These Vacuum Storage Bags ($26.04) come with a convenient hand pump for re-sealing on the go.

Satin Sleep Mask Silk Satin Sleeping Mask - Travel Essentials Silk Satin Sleeping Mask ($13.22)

When adjusting to time zones, you might feel yourself drifting off during daylight hours and a light-blocking Silk Satin Sleeping Mask ($13.22) can help with quality sleep. Or if you need a subtle do not disturb signal, throw one of these on and your mates might get the message.

Travel Pillow Kit

U-Shaped Travel Pillow Memory Foam Neck Pillow Kit Grey - Travel Essentials U-Shaped Pillow Kit Grey ($30.69)

This Travel Pillow Kit ($30.69) includes an ergonomic memory foam pillow, black-out sleeping mask and a pair of ear plugs. Peaceful, in-flight sleep — sorted.

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