4 Types of Apologies Anyone With Siblings Will Be Very, Very Familiar With

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Sibling relationships are among the most complex you’ll ever have. One day you wake up and realize you’re stuck with a set of people and you had no say in the matter. And guess what the best part is? You’re bound to them for life. While some days it’s an attachment you’re thankful for, other days you may be ready to end your lifelong love affair.

That said, I value the relationships I have with my siblings, as they’re the longest-standing relationships I have. They know all my idiosyncrasies and I share unique experiences with them. I can’t think of many friends who have seen me wet the bed or played hide and seek with me until I fell asleep in the closet. This makes them like home to me. I know that whenever I feel lost, I will feel a sense of belonging by reconnecting with them.

As I age, the relationships I have with my six siblings continue to evolve. One of the most interesting changes I’ve noticed is in the way we argue and say sorry – especially as we’re no longer under the same roof. Here are four ways my siblings and I apologize that you probably relate to if you have a brother or sister.

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