Dearest, Gentle Period-Getters — Here’s How Your Monthly Flow Could Help Someone In Need

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Nicola Coughlan is iconic for a plethora of reasons and while you might be thinking that her role in box-office hit “Barbie” is her biggest slay of 2023 — I have another case to make. No, it isn’t “Bridgerton” season three, as much as we’d like to fast forward to the release date. It’s actually her latest and very unexpected, period romance story with Uber Eats.

Not only does she reject the affections of a Regency-age gentleman — she’s gone on to extend her partnership with the popular delivery service to help period-getters in need.

“I wanted to use my involvement with Uber Eats to both showcase the availability of period relief products on the app, but also to raise awareness about the very real barriers to accessing these important items for women, girls and people who menstruate right across Australia. I really hope that the campaign will have a positive impact long after my commercials have stopped airing,” said Coughlan.

Everyone’s experience with the ‘red devil’ is never the same, but it is especially difficult for those in period poverty with little to no access to tampons, pads and other adequate hygiene products, due to rising living costs.

Uber Eats with the help of Nicola Coughlan‘s rising stardom are donating period products to the Women’s Service Network (WESNET). But, how does it work?

Well, when you’re crampy and feeling a bit rundown during the monthly or unexpected visit from ‘Aunt Flo’, a purchase of pads or tampons on the Uber Eats app will also donate to Share the Dignity and its wider network of women’s services like WESNET. Your period can help others in need from October 16 ’til the end of 2023.

Share the Dignity tackles the period poverty crisis head on, putting pads, tampons and more in the hands of Aussies with a lack of access to hygiene products due to personal circumstances. Whether it be homelessness, fleeing domestic violence or the rising cost of living, one of its goals is to give period-havers one less thing to worry about. They partner with over 3000 charities to assist anyone menstruators in need.

Don’t miss the opportunity to afford others the convenience and relief you feel from ordering products straight to your door.

Yours faithfully (aka not just gossip from the ‘Ton),

Lady Whistledown.


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