5 Creative Date Ideas to Woo Your Boo

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There’s not much that beats a good date.

That feeling of giddiness; the euphoric energy that comes with connecting with another human over something fun like wine, a movie or even just good conversation. That moment where your cheeks begin to hurt because you’ve been smiling so much. A good date is pretty unbeatable.

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship and are looking to break out of your romantic routine and do something different, or you’re looking for a creative first date that will go down in the history books — we have something for you.

Here are five creative date ideas that will get the vibes flowing, and are guaranteed to impress your bae.


Not everyone loves camping, but you can’t go wrong with glamping; because whether you or your boo are outdoorsy or not — nothing beats waking up in nature. Stay in a cute, cosy and romantic tent for the gods, by the beach or the vineyards, complete with cheese boards, wine and even an outdoor bath (depending on your budget).

Cooking Class For Two

There is literally nothing more romantic than cooking. I mean, is there anything as horny as being fed something delicious straight from the pot? The kitchen is a room full of all the senses; delicious smells, sounds and tastes… to get you in the mood. Plus, it’s a super creative thing to do on a date! Organise a cooking class for you and your boo, learning to cook something new or out of your comfort zones.

Take Them to High Tea

High Tea is actually way cooler than it sounds/seems. It’s like the OG date. There’s just something so romantic about drinking champagne, flavoured tea and mini cakes in a beautifully adorned room in the afternoon. You and your boo can dress up in your finest attire, and pop down to a High Tea venue near you, to get giddy and giggly before the sun even sets. I mean really, you can’t go wrong with cake and champagne. It’s the perfect date idea if you’ve got something planned after too, like High Tea at 4-6pm (the traditional time) and then a show at 7pm! Perfection.

Go For a Drive

Honestly, some of the best dates are scenic drives, where you turn the music up, wind the windows down and just feel free to live in the moment. Not to mention, it’s a super affordable date idea. Pick your boo up and take them on a scenic drive through wine country, along the coast, or up to a lookout at night time, so you can sit and watch the twinkling city lights. If you want to make it extra romantic, pack a little picnic in the boot (something homemade is always best), so you can have a little drink/feed when you reach your scenic destination. Sometimes, the most simple dates are the best.

Have a Spa Day

This could be as simple as a couple’s massage, a day at the hot springs or even just a trip to local pool and sauna — spending a day together doing things that make your body feel amazing is truly such an uplifting and creative date idea.

Often we don’t set aside the time to treat ourselves to self-care in the form of a spa day or treatment, because life gets in the way. Organising something like this as a date is special because it allows for self-care and relaxation, as well as a cute date vibe.

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