Baby Names You Probably Didn’t Realise Were Going Out of Style

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Names, much like fashion, can go out of style (and come back in again). And while some names, like Howard, Donna, Nigel, Roderick and Wilma, are clearly from the baby boomer generation, others, said to be going out of style, may surprise you.

Yep, a new study published in Cosmopolitan UK, comparing government data on baby names in 1996 with 2020 name data, shows that some of the most popular names in the ’90s, including Dave, Ben and Amanda, have had a decrease in popularity over the years and are in danger of soon becoming extinct.

For example, just 103 babies in the UK were given the names Danielle or Jade last year, compared to 5,391 in 1996 — a 98 per cent drop — while babies named Kirsty, Shannon, Gemma and Jodie have dropped in popularity by 99 per cent.

Just because they’re dropping in popularity, though, doesn’t mean you have to steer clear of them. But in case you are wondering what they are, these are the baby names the study found to be going out of style RN.

A. Ashley, Andrew, Ashleigh, Amy, Alexa, Abbey, Anita, Amanda.

B. Bradley, Belinda, Bill, Britney, Ben, Blair, Brandon, Brett.

C. Craig, Curtis, Connor, Callum, Chelsea, Caitlin, Cheryl, Carrie, Courtney, Carl, Chad.

D. Dean, Dylan, Dale, Donna, Debbie, Denise, Dave, Derek.

E. Edina, Elisha, Eamon.

F. Fiona, Fay.

G. Gemma, Gary, Graham, Gwyneth, Geoff, Greg.

H. Hank, Hilary, Howard.

I. N/A – I is absolutely killing it at the moment, with Isla being the #1 pick for a girl’s name in 2021.

J. Jordan, Jodie, Jacqueline, Jade, Jennifer, Jade, Julie, Jared, Jeffrey, Jim, Judd.

K. Kieran, Kirsty, Katherine, Kristin, Kelly, Kimberly, Kylie, Keith.

L. Lauren, Leanne, Lorraine, Lindsay, Larry, Len, Leroy, Lionel.

M. Matthew, Miranda, Monica, Mitchell, Morris.

N. Nigel, Natalia, Neal, Nick.

O. N/A

P. Pamela, Piers.

Q. Quentin.

R. Rebecca, Rowena, Rhett, Raine, Roderick, Ron, Ross, Russell.

S. Sean, Scott, Shane, Shannon, Sarah, Stuart, Suzanne, Sinead, Sascha, Skylar, Stan, Stevie.

T. Tammy, Teresa, Tiffany, Tina, Tracey, Toni, Tricia, Trevor, Toby, Tristan.

U. N/A

V. Vanessa, Virginia, Vaughn, Vivian.

W. Wilma, Whitney, Wayne.

X. N/A

Y. Yvonne

Z. N/A

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