This Week’s Venus Retrograde Will Make You Reassess What You Value in Life

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When you think of planets going retrograde, your mind probably jumps straight to Mercury. And, while Mercury retrograde is well known for wreaking havoc with communication and technology, Venus retrograde can be just as spicy and chaotic.

When we refer to a planet going retrograde, it simply means that it appears to be moving backwards in the sky as it orbits around the Sun, which is due to the point of view we have from Earth. According to Cafe Astrology, this retrograde period for Venus usually happens every 18 months, far less frequently than Mercury retrograde, and it generally lasts for 40 to 43 days.

The time has come again for Venus to go retrograde and this will kick off on December 19, in the sign of Capricorn, before it finishes up on January 29, 2022. The retrograde shadow period officially began on November 17, so you might already be feeling the effects of Venus.

So, what’s all the fuss with Venus retrograde? Well, let’s start with Venus itself, which is the planet of love and money and has sway over your values as well. This planet is ruled by pleasure, beauty and charm and it often overlaps with your life principles.

During this retrograde period, you might feel these areas of your life pulled into focus more and you could experience a period of reassessing your life and who and what you value most. You might start to look at your relationships and whether they are contributing to your bigger life goals or previous relationship issues may resurface.

This is a time to ask yourself whether the people in your life are really the best people for you. If you’re experiencing niggling feelings regarding friendships and romantic relationships, use this retrograde period to explore those feelings. Is there a change that can be made?

Due to the intense pressure on relationships during this time, Cafe Astrology cautions against starting anything new during Venus retrograde, with many astrologers considering it “inopportune for getting married or starting a new relationship”.

The same goes for money and making any big decisions around your finances. Instead of spending up on big purchases, use Venus retrograde as a period of planning, creating budgets and re-thinking your current goals when it comes to love and money. Then, when Venus goes direct, you can start to implement these changes.

Do your best to avoid making any major, truly life-altering decisions as the outcome may seem amazing at the time, but following the end of retrograde, it could appear far from good. Instead, use the time to reaffirm your goals and how you feel in your romantic and platonic relationships.

“Venus retrograde is a period for clearing the decks and dealing with the past so as to move forward fresh and re-energised, and this is especially appropriate in the first three weeks of the cycle,” said Cafe Astrology. “During the second half of the retrograde cycle, watch for impulsiveness.”

Best of luck!

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