This Discreet Device Can Help Alleviate Period Pain, Naturally


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Period pain can be crippling, and we don’t talk about it enough.

Approximately 1 in 10 women suffer from endometriosis, as well as other surprisingly common chronic menstrual conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), menorrhagia (heavy bleeding) and dysmenorrhea (painful cramps) — all of which are often hereditary or can be the result of pregnancy, contraceptive medication and/or pre-existing conditions — and can cause debilitating periods.

Despite modern medication, the reality is that don’t really have any control over our hormones and the way our body responds to hormonal levels. Many women and menstruating individuals will experience some level of hormonal imbalance throughout their life, which can impact anything from period pain, to mental health and physical strength.

For me personally, my experience with doctors have been to try and bandaid hormonal issues with medications, which often carry synthetic hormone or try to stop hormone production. For me, these medications haven’t work, and I’ve often felt powerless in my pain.

Thankfully, with new technology and brands who truly care about the menstruation experience, there are some alternative options.

Sexual wellness company VUSH, have recently launched a new category of wellness that celebrates it’s hero product, Aura — a ground-breaking way to reduce the most severe period pain, naturally.

Based on scientifically proven TENS technology, the slim and discreet Aura Period Pain Relief Device, sends micro electro currents to the body through the skin. These gentle tingles override pain signals in the nervous system, putting a stop to the debilitating effects of period pain.

Given that women spend 3,500 days of their life on their period, it would be pretty magical to not spend them in pain.

The Aura has a 5-hour battery life, 20 intensity levels and 6 therapy modes, which makes it pretty easy to curate your own your perfect settings; depending on your pain levels each period, as well as your underlying menstrual conditions.

Not only can it be tailored to you, but it’s also super pretty. Lilac in colour, it attaches to the body with sticky pads — no strings or wires, making it easy to wear out and proud or concealed under clothing. There should be nothing shameful about having your period and it being painful, but sometimes it’s hard to avoid, so there’s nothing wrong with being discreet.

“I feel like the Aura allows for more personalised relief with its vast range of intensity levels and therapy modes,” says Triple J Host, Bridget Hustwaite, who has been living with endometriosis since the age of fifteen. “It’s really nice to have that control and use the device in the exact way that you need.”

Following the success of her Instagram page Endogram and book, How To Endo, Hustwaite is now teaming up with wellness brand, VUSH, to help spread awareness around an often overlooked chronic illness and the game-changing device that can help manage it.

“People with endometriosis just want to feel seen and heard. Many of us have experienced a lot of dismissal not only from medical professionals, but our friends, family and colleagues.”

You can purchase The Aura here (use code ENDOGRAM for 25% off your first purchase), and you can browse VUSH’s newly launched wellness category here.


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