Your August 7 Weekly Horoscope Marks the Best Day of the Year For Manifestation

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Not that there’s ever been a dull moment in the sky, but the upcoming astrological transits are pivotal. In addition to harnessing the energy of the Lion’s Gate portal, your Aug. 7 weekly horoscope is here to help you make sense of the challenges you’ve experienced thus far so you can overcome the obstacles in your path. Remember, every single one of these hurdles is an opportunity for personal growth, so don’t lose momentum.

Here’s what’s in store: amidst Mars’s slow-and-steady journey through Taurus, the planet of aggression and impulse will go head to head with taskmaster Saturn on Aug. 7, which can feel like a rocky start to the week. Go-getter Mars wants to act on its instincts, but it’s already uncomfortable in its sign of detriment, Taurus. On top of that, it will be challenged by Saturn, the planet of limitations and restrictions. A nuisance? Perhaps, but instead of dwelling on the blockage, consider this a wake-up call from the cosmos. What is no longer in alignment with your future goals? If you’re resisting change or being stubborn, then you’re only delaying the process. Lady Venus will also be making a harmonious trine to Neptune retrograde on the same day, which is equivalent to wearing a dreamy pair of rose-coloured glasses, specifically when it pertains to relationship matters and creative expression. This is a reminder to be gentle and have more compassion for yourself throughout this process.

If you’re feeling the call to manifest, the Lion’s Gate portal opens on Aug. 8, which is when the sun in Leo, the star Sirius, Orion’s Belt, and the Earth all align. Sirius is worshipped by many, as it’s the brightest star in the sky, but the combination of Leo season and the number eight (a symbol of infinite abundance) is a magnet for powerful manifestation. Venus will join the sun in Leo on Aug. 11, the same day as the full moon in Aquarius. This will add a little pizzazz and sparkle to both romance and spending habits, so try to not go overboard on flamboyant expenses and grand gestures of love. With the moon reaching its peak fullness in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius – not to mention while in close proximity to Saturn – the cosmos is bringing focus to what needs discipline and structure, specifically with your long-term goals and dreams.

If you’re wondering what this week has in store for you, read on for your weekly horoscope for Aug. 7 through Aug. 13, according to your zodiac sign and your rising sign. For a look at your whole year, check out your 2022 horoscope as well.

Aries (March 21-April 19) Weekly Horoscope For Aug. 7, 2022

Your values may differ from those of your social surroundings, so you’re being called to stay in your lane for the time being, Aries. The week of Aug. 7 will begin on a restless note, given a tumultuous square between your red-hot planetary ruler, Mars, and taskmaster Saturn. Translation: you’re bound to experience restrictions in one way or another. Take a deep breath and consider your options. Keeping an open mind is also essential, as you’re likely to have to compromise during this time.

Fortunately, Venus’s sizzling shift in Leo on Aug. 11 – in your fifth house of creativity, romance, and passion projects – will certainly spice things up. In addition, this week’s sparkling and revolutionary full moon will touch down on your 11th house of community affairs and individual freedom, all the while sitting in close proximity to Saturn. Maybe you’re staying put in a professional network for the sake of a nice paycheck, or feeling unsure about the next steps in your journey. Don’t let the current circumstances derail your focus. Your purpose will guide you down the right path.

Taurus (April 20-May 20) Weekly Horoscope For Aug. 7, 2022

If things don’t seem to be going your way, know that this, too, shall pass, Taurus. In the meantime, while transiting through your sign, the planet of war (Mars) will face off with taskmaster Saturn in your 10th house of career and reputation in the world on Aug. 8. Your sense of control in the workplace or perhaps your relationship with an authority figure could feel like a battle of wills, so be sure to tread lightly. Overexerting yourself and prioritising the ego isn’t productive at this time. This isn’t suggesting that you disregard the situation at hand, but take a close look at the bigger picture instead.

As it is, your planetary ruler, Venus, will be opposing Pluto the following day, bringing intensity and catharsis to your intimate unions. Next up, your darling ruler will enter Leo on the same day as the full moon, adorning your home sweet home with charm, harmony, and pleasure. Redecorating your living space? The full moon will ignite your bossy 10th house of reputation while sitting alongside Saturn and squaring Uranus in your sign. Something’s gotta give in order to see the results you seek. Take it one step at a time.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) Weekly Horoscope For Aug. 7, 2022

You’ve always been a walking contradiction, but you could be feeling extra torn at this time, Gemini. The week of Aug. 7 will kick off with Mars squaring off with taskmaster Saturn, all the while transiting through your 12th house of rest and inhibitions. Saturn could be signalling you to venture into the unknown in order to solidify a long-term goal or plan – and yet, you’re so comfortable working behind the scenes that the thought of this new journey could be stressing you out. Being stubborn isn’t going to solve the problem, so do what you do best and try to keep an open mind.

On Aug. 11, just hours before the full moon in Aquarius, Venus will sashay into flamboyant Leo (and your chatty third house space), which, in turn, increases the likelihood of romance and charming encounters in your immediate environment. Then, the full moon in Aquarius could be equally as enlightening as it is challenging. Sitting alongside Saturn retrograde in your expansive ninth house of belief systems, spiritual pursuits, and self-discovery, this lunation is shedding light on what’s needed in order for you to succeed in your future endeavours. Are you ready to put in the work, and take this leap of faith?

Cancer (June 21-July 22) Weekly Horoscope For Aug. 7, 2022

Your intuition is your greatest superpower, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, Cancer. Before Venus concludes its journey through your sign, the goddess of love will harmonise with Neptune on Aug. 8, adding a soft hue of fantasy and empathy to your romantic relationships and creative musings. Telepathic connections are also likely, so put your music on shuffle and ask the universe for a sign. Keep in mind, Mars will also be at odds with Saturn, creating friction between your desire to collaborate and solidify a new connection, and prior commitments that could be getting in the way.

The following day, Venus will directly oppose transformative Pluto, which is both enticing and intensity filled, so harness this synergy wisely. Many of you will see the shadow side of a connection first hand, while others of you become enamoured by a significant other’s smouldering charisma. Speaking of which, the planet of love will debut in Leo on Aug. 11, just hours before the full moon in Aquarius. Hovering over your eighth house of intimate unions and joint collaborations, themes surrounding the foundation of a personal and/or professional relationship could be coming up for review – and while alongside Saturn, the obstacles and challenges could be of greater prominence. The cosmos want you to be honest with yourself about whether this person or venture complements your future.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Weekly Horoscope For Aug. 7, 2022

Putting yourself in another’s shoes isn’t always your forte, but you’re being called to do so at this time, Leo. Go-getter Mars will be going head to head with taskmaster Saturn on Aug. 7, creating friction between the foundation of your partnership and your approach to taking the lead. You may feel compelled to overexert your will, and this could backfire. Some of you could even use a break, especially with Venus making its annual opposition to Pluto in your sixth house of health and habits the next day.

There’s no use in pushing yourself so hard, so take a moment to reflect on the value of your efforts. What are these long work hours and/or back-to-back thoughts costing you? Lady Venus will make its dazzling debut in your sign on Aug. 11, which is always a plus for romance and finances. However, this year’s full moon in Aquarius (happening that same day) will sit alongside Saturn in your relationship sector, which means you’re not only more aware of the challenges and limitations within your current connections, but also are more prone to feeling stifled and blocked when it comes to finding a healthy compromise. Nothing is set in stone, so try to be cool, calm and collected.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Weekly Horoscope For Aug. 7, 2022

Your perspective is shifting in a very big way, Virgo. The week begins on an amicable note, as Venus will form a lovely trine to dreamy Neptune in your relationship sector, adding a romantic hue of compassion and empathy to themes surrounding your one-on-one connections, as well as those who can bring you closer to your dreams. That same day, however, Mars will go head to head with Saturn, creating friction between the desire to ground your long-term dreams vs. the complicated logistics that could come along with them.

Venus’s direct opposition to Pluto the next day will highlight the familiarity of your extended network and the intensity of your passions, whether or not they coincide. Maybe you’re in the process of cultivating a creative project, or perhaps catching feelings for someone who’s sort of taboo to your community. As if this weren’t risqué enough, Venus will be entering cinematic Leo on Aug. 11, bringing a little bit of sweetness to your secretive 12th house of dreams, inhibitions, and all things behind the scenes. Keeping something to yourself for the time being? That same day, the moon will reach its peak fullness in the freedom-loving sign of Aquarius, which could, in turn, highlight the restrictions and limitations you’ve been facing in your day-to-day life. What’s getting in the way of your happiness?

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Weekly Horoscope For Aug. 7, 2022

Surrendering the expectation of a particular outcome will liberate you, Libra. Fortunately, with your celestial ruler, Venus, harmonising with Neptune on Aug. 7, many of you will take this time for a much-needed break from your day-to-day grind, and perhaps partake in rituals of self-love. Mars, on the other hand, will perfect its square to Saturn, creating friction between your self-expression vs. the commitments you made prior. Others of you who are romantically interested in someone could feel a bit stifled, but don’t be discouraged. The cosmos is urging you to face your fears of upsetting others and get what you need.

On a brighter note, your cosmic dazzler ruling planet, Venus, will sashay into Leo and your 11th house of community, society and individual freedom on Aug. 11. In addition to getting the party started, this will add a bit more pizzazz to your social interactions. Other of you may take advantage of this energy to spruce up your social media profiles or post that thirst trap. Just hours later, the full moon in Aquarius will conjunct Saturn, which can feel like a Debbie Downer moment, given that Saturn will be highlighting the obstacles and challenges you’re currently experiencing, especially those of you in the process of breaking free from a commitment. Hold tight; it’ll be a new day before you know it.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Weekly Horoscope For Aug. 7, 2022

This week’s astro-weather is not for the faint of heart, but you know a thing or two about rising above the chaos, Scorpio. Fortunately, a soothing Venus-Neptune trine will kick things off, bringing harmony to themes surrounding your long-term visions as well as your heart’s desires. Then, amidst daydreaming about the future, Mars will face off with taskmaster Saturn while sizzling through your relationship sector. This means that either you and your significant other aren’t on the same page when it comes to your living situation, or maybe you’re simply choosing to detach from a long-term contract. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to remain focused, especially with Venus making its annual opposition to your modern ruler, Pluto, on Aug. 9. Fears, doubts, and replaying the worst case scenario isn’t going to be productive, so steer away from overly controlling behaviour.

On Aug. 11, lady Venus will sashay into Leo and your 10th house of career and reputation in the world, presenting you with a sparkling opportunity to shine and take the lead. However, that same day, the full moon in Aquarius will join forces with Saturn retrograde, highlighting the obstacles and challenges of your current situation. Something’s being brought to your attention about a long-term investment, so be discerning with your approach. This change has been a long time coming, and you can feel it in your bones.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Weekly Horoscope For Aug. 7, 2022

If you’re in your feelings this week, or are struggling with your current circumstances, don’t lose hope, Sagittarius. The week begins on a contradicting note: a kind Venus–Neptune trine will remind you of those you can lean on for support but, by that same token, Mars will be perfecting its square to taskmaster Saturn, which is where things are bound to get tricky. It’s shaking up your sixth house of routine and third house of immediate surroundings so you could feel torn about your current responsibilities and schedule. Others of you, on the other hand, could be finding it difficult to tend to your wellness rituals with so much happening in your day-to-day.

Then, on Aug. 9, Venus will sit in direct opposition to powerhouse Pluto – via your stability-seeking second house of value systems – creating an imbalance between the way you show up for your loved ones, and how you’re tending to your personal needs at this time. Having said that, it’s important to be discerning with your investments. On Aug. 11, after Venus enters Leo, the full moon in Aquarius will conjunct Saturn, bringing emphasis and clarity to the challenges you’re facing. Instead of dwelling on what you can’t control, your best bet is to take a step back and reassess your strategy so you can become more in alignment with your higher self.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Weekly Horoscope For Aug. 7, 2022

The more willing you are to connect and communicate, the more likely you are to see results, Capricorn. The week of Aug. 7 will kick off with a gentle Venus-Neptune trine, heightening your intuition and compassion, which can be of use especially when considering Mars’s square to Saturn. After all, this restless square will become exact with Mars sizzling through your fifth house of self-expression and your taskmaster ruler setting boundaries via your second house of values. Both of these houses are already fixed, so combining that with the friction stemming from this aspect can’t be easy. Try to rise above the wilfulness, and think outside of the box.

As it is, Venus will be making a direct opposition to Pluto in your sign on Aug. 9, highlighting both the intensity of your one-on-one connections, as well as the power struggles you’ve been experiencing as of late. Reflect on how this could be influencing your sense of security. After all, in addition to Venus’s shift into Leo (and your intimate eighth house of joint ventures), the Aug. 11 full moon in Aquarius will conjunct your ruling planet, Saturn, in your second house of comfort, finances, and value systems. This will shed light on what could potentially serve as an obstacle or challenge, but only for the sake of you making the necessary changes. You’re a pragmatic thinker, and something that was previously hidden from you is being brought to your conscious mind.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Weekly Horoscope For Aug. 7, 2022

You’ve always had main character energy, but you’re a key player this week, Aquarius. First and foremost, amidst Mars’s journey through Taurus and your fourth house of emotional foundations, the red planet will face off with taskmaster Saturn in your sign, which will, in turn, create friction between your desire for comfort and stability and the growing pains you’re experiencing. Then on Aug. 9, luscious Venus will sit in direct opposition with powerhouse Pluto in your 12th house of unconscious patterns, all while transiting through your sixth house of daily rituals. This is a reminder to be mindful of your coping mechanisms and self-sabotaging patterns, especially those that have been influencing the dynamic of your day-to-day life. Your well being is a priority.

After Venus enters your relationship sector on Aug. 11, the moon will reach peak fullness in your sign while making a conjunction to Saturn retrograde in your sign. This is a full-circle moment for you but, by that same token, you could feel as though you can’t catch a break. Chin up: these growing pains won’t last forever. In fact, the sooner you succumb to the dynamic of this new world you’re stepping into, the sooner you will be find the liberation you’ve been seeking.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) Weekly Horoscope For Aug. 7, 2022

Your intuition is speaking louder than words, so pay attention, Pisces. The week of Aug. 7 begins on a mystical note, as Venus will harmonize with Neptune in your sign, while transiting through your fifth house of love, passion, and self-expression. Whether it’s regarding a romantic suitor or a creative project with great potential, this sweet synergy is here to evoke your artistic musings as well as your overall sense of empathy. Mars will also perfect its square to Saturn, creating friction between a stubborn mindset you’ve been attached to and the consequences of your actions. Have you been choosing to sweep something significant under the rug for the sake of your own peace of mind?

On Aug. 11, after Venus makes its dazzling debut in Leo and your sixth house of daily rituals, the moon will reach its peak fullness in freedom-loving Aquarius in your 12th house of closure and dreams. Conjunct Saturn retrograde, you’re more likely focus on the challenges and obstacles of your current circumstances, which can feel a bit heavy. However, instead of being so hard on yourself, consider this an opportunity to do some deep introspection, such as through therapy, yoga, or energy healing. Your spiritual evolution is a work in progress, so take your time and make sure you’re being gentle with yourself.

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