Your Dec. 4 Weekly Horoscope Is About Recognizing What You’ve Outgrown

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Winter is approaching, and the cosmos are shedding light on your hopes for the future. The end of the year can feel like a serious wake-up call, and your Dec. 4 weekly horoscope is bringing focus to the bigger picture. Are you in alignment with your truth? How have your past experiences influenced the person you’ve become?

The week begins on a supercharged note, as the moon joins forces with electric Uranus, adding a sudden jolt to the emotional atmosphere. Fueled by Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Pisces, this unexpected epiphany could revolve around an outdated belief system or a desire to break free, specifically when it comes to finances, values, and your definition of stability. What you once considered important may no longer resonate, and that’s OK. To add to it, Mercury will square off with Jupiter, continuing to highlight the mindset, ideas, and philosophies you’ve recently outgrown. The communicator planet will ingress into Capricorn shortly after, adding a layer of tradition, honesty, and pragmatism to thought processes and exchanges. The truth isn’t always pretty, but Mercury in Capricorn prefers to get down to business.

Just in time for a Mercury-ruled (Gemini) full moon on Dec. 7, there will be an influx of energy brought to the surface, pointing out unrealistic expectations or missing facts surrounding a particular situation. Reality continues to set in on Dec. 9, when Venus squares Jupiter and enters Capricorn shortly after. Whether you look at it in terms of financial success or the type of relationships you’re longing for, the cosmos are urging you to be honest with yourself and cultivate accountability. Wise Jupiter is highlighting the wisdom you’ve obtained in past experiences, and it’s time to finally move forward. As for your goals, dreams, and expectations of the future, reflect on where you’ve unconsciously sold yourself short in the past. It’s time to level up.

If you’re wondering what this week has in store for you, read on for your weekly horoscope for Dec. 4 through Dec. 10, according to your zodiac sign and your rising sign. To see what the rest of the year may bring, read your December monthly horoscope and your 2022 annual horoscope.

Aries (March 21-April 19) Weekly Horoscope For Dec. 4, 2022

This is your chance to rise above the unconscious burdens holding you back from reaching your highest potential, Aries. The week of Dec. 4 brings emphasis to your past, present, and future, simultaneously – and though it may feel a bit like sensory overload, this is merely a conversation between you and your higher self. Venus’s square to elusive Neptune on Dec. 4 can be equally mystical as it is liberating, but it’s up to you to remain grounded and confront what no longer aligns with your soul’s truth. Whether romantically, financially, or in terms of your value systems, the cosmos are urging you to surrender. You’re at the precipice of stepping into your new reality, and with Jupiter re-entering your sign on Dec. 20, let’s just say: you’ll be glad you did the work.

Savvy Mercury will ingress into Capricorn – your 10th house of boss moves – on Dec. 6, bringing your thoughts down to Earth and urging you to prioritize energies surrounding your reputation, career, and work ethic. The irony of this is, there will be a Mercury-ruled full moon the following day – conjunct your celestial ruler, Mars, which is retrograde – happening in your chatty third house of communication. You may be in the process of finalizing important paperwork or submitting applications. Venus will join Mercury in Capricorn on Dec. 9, adding a layer of honesty and sophistication to themes surrounding your relationships, finances, and long-term values. A new chapter begins.

Taurus (April 20-May 20) Weekly Horoscope For Dec. 4, 2022

Your future goals and dreams are being brought to the forefront this week, Taurus. On Dec. 4, your celestial ruler, Venus, will square off with Neptune, revisiting themes from last week when Mercury did the same. Your recent attachment to a community or network could be clouding your long-term visions, but rest assured that this uncertainty won’t last forever. In fact, the moon will join Uranus in your sign on Dec. 5, heightening your desire for freedom and unconventionality – perhaps pushing you to close an important chapter in your life the next day when Mercury squares Jupiter. On Dec. 6, Mercury will also ingress into your fellow earth sign, Capricorn, bringing emphasis and momentum to your expansive ninth house of adventure, higher learning, and self-discovery.

There will be a Mercury-ruled full moon in Gemini the following day, bringing a sense of closure and completion to themes of finance and stability. However, that full moon will also conjunct Mars retrograde, suggesting that you may need to address some important details you previously omitted or simply lacked clarity on. Either way, you’re being encouraged to make the necessary changes with regard to your future in order to become more aligned with your highest good. Being honest with yourself and others isn’t always smooth sailing, but it’s necessary nonetheless. This tug of war between your personal desires vs. your commitment to a significant other is likely to surface on Dec. 8, when the sun opposes Mars retrograde. Stay centered. Your celestial ruler, Venus, will debut in Capricorn (alongside Mercury) on Dec. 9, which means it’s time to prioritize the foundation and stability of your true North. Are you going right or left?

Gemini (May 21-June 20) Weekly Horoscope For Dec. 4, 2022

Are you and your significant other(s) on the same page, Gemini? Whether you’re uncertain about what your romantic future holds or receive a long-awaited professional offer, the week of Dec. 4 is bringing emphasis to a belief system that’s no longer in harmony with your current reality. Stay patient, as the moon’s electric conjunction with Uranus the following day will bring forth an unexpected lightbulb moment. Don’t dismiss your intuitive downloads; you’re not just imagining it. On Dec. 6, your savvy celestial ruler, Mercury, will go head-to-head with Jupiter, suggesting the possibility of a new path opening in your favor – but it may not resonate with the belief systems you’re being called to leave behind.

Just in time for a full moon in your sign on Dec. 7, your celestial ruler, Mercury will already be transiting through Capricorn and your eighth house of intimacy. This full moon will highlight the missing puzzle pieces of a particular situation, if not enlighten you about what needs to be addressed for the results you seek in the long term. Then on Dec. 8, the sun’s opposition to Mars could create friction between you and a loved one; make sure you’re staying grounded and communicating clearly. Venus’s square to Jupiter the following day sheds light on what you’ve outgrown, and its ingress into Capricorn shortly after brings you down to Earth.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) Weekly Horoscope For Dec. 4, 2022

Is your day-to-day lifestyle building a path toward your future, Cancer? If things seem uncertain at the start of the week, it’s likely due to Venus’s square to Neptune on Dec. 4, as it’s bound to create feelings of confusion when it comes to your productivity levels and perhaps even your desire for freedom. While activating your sixth house of mindfulness, Mercury will face off with Jupiter on Dec. 6 before entering Capricorn and your seventh house of relationships. This is where the cosmos is urging you to get your ducks in a row, as you’re being called to commit to a long-term plan.

There will be a full moon in Gemini on Dec. 7 touching down on your 12th house of closure, inhibitions, and all things behind the scenes. With the moon’s current ruler, Mercury, transiting your seventh house of committed partnerships, chances are you’ll be gifted with a full-circle moment revolving around a significant partnership. Is there a conversation you’ve been meaning to address? On Dec. 9, Venus will join Mercury in Capricorn via your committed seventh house of compromise and significant others. Sure you can relate on a superficial level, but how about deep down? Try to find a solid foundation.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Weekly Horoscope For Dec. 4, 2022

Don’t lose hope, Leo. Your desire for adventure and freedom could be clouded by the aftermath of a connection, if not the one you’re currently in at the moment. Lady Venus will face off with Neptune on Dec. 4, creating friction between your unique authenticity and the boundaries (or lack thereof) between you and a significant other. The next day, an electric moon-Uranus conjunction will shake up your 10th house of authority, supercharging you with intuitive wisdom and perhaps even a new perspective. This could be about your mental health or exploring other avenues of productivity.

Despite how uncomfortable these conversations may be at first, Mercury’s square to Jupiter on Dec. 6 will help shed light on the truth about your past. How have your hobbies, passions, and experiences around thrill influenced your intimate unions? Mercury will eventually ingress into Capricorn, and right on time for a full moon in Gemini on Dec. 7. Conjunct Mars retrograde, you could gain clarity around a missing “puzzle piece” or initiative surrounding your future goals and dreams. Then on Dec. 8, your celestial ruler, the sun, will oppose Mars retrograde. Has your ego influenced your sense of belonging in the world?

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Weekly Horoscope For Dec. 4, 2022

If things seem ambiguous when it comes to your living arrangements, don’t be discouraged by the uncertainty, Virgo. The same goes for your desire for freedom or beliefs around stability. Opening your heart to relationships and venturing into the unknown could seem a lot more difficult than it actually is, so don’t let your mind get carried away. This is especially significant to consider on Dec. 4, when lady Venus squares Neptune in your relationship sector. Your celestial ruler, Mercury, will also be entering Capricorn and your ninth house of expansion on Dec. 6, and this could present you with a new path.

Ironically enough, the moon will reach its peak of fullness in Gemini and your 10th house of authority the following day, highlighting your progress as well as the finality of a recent initiative you’ve embarked upon. The sun’s opposition to Mars retrograde could begin to shed light on the truth behind your future aspirations. Are you being honest with yourself about what you want? Have you been surrounding yourself with a high-vibing group of individuals? Venus’s shift into Capricorn puts things in perspective and complements your relationship with self-mastery.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Weekly Horoscope For Dec. 4, 2022

Making a decision about next steps is easier said than done when there is so much uncertainty, Libra. This is especially true on Dec. 4 when your celestial ruler, Venus, squares off with elusive Neptune. Practical energies such as work routines and mundane affairs are hazy, but this is where you’re being encouraged to reflect on your past experiences, in order to move forward with confidence. The moon’s conjunction with electric Uranus the following day could shake things up – specifically in your intimate unions and joint ventures – but this is where you’re being called to lean on your community for support.

Mercury will ingress into Capricorn on Dec. 6, bringing clarity and momentum to your fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings. This happens just in time for a full moon in Gemini on Dec. 7, which conjuncts Mars retrograde in your ninth house of expansion. The future is a lot less clear than you’re comfortable admitting, but maintaining a solid foundation is the priority. You may begin seeing things from a different perspective entirely, and that could forever alter your beliefs moving forward.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Weekly Horoscope For Dec. 4, 2022

Your financial goals are more possible than you allow yourself to realize, Scorpio. The week of Dec. 4 begins with a perplexing square between Venus and Neptune, highlighting your overindulgences as well as your lack of clarity when it comes to matters of self-worth. Are you wholeheartedly living your best life and doing everything you can to become more aligned with your calling? Sounds like a lot to tackle at once, but your passions will fuel you – they always have.

The moon will conjunct Uranus on Dec. 5, bringing unexpected shake-ups to your relationship sector while shedding light on those you no longer resonate with. Whether personally or professionally, this is where the cosmos is urging you to reflect on your connections with others, especially those that cloud your perception of yourself. Have you continued to surround yourself with people who leech onto your divinity, or are you beyond it all? You don’t have to take that outdated outlook with you moving forward, and this is precisely what the full moon in Gemini is bringing to light. After all, with Mars retrograde, you may even revisit an exchange with someone from your past, or realize how you’ve unconsciously intertwined both realities. Venus’s ingress into Capricorn means business, and the same goes for your immediate environment. Be discerning with your exchanges.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Weekly Horoscope For Dec. 4, 2022

You are an individual, both within and outside of your family, Sagittarius. On Dec. 4, while transiting your sign, Venus will face off with Neptune via your fourth house of home, highlighting the areas where you’ve lacked boundaries – specifically those that would’ve allowed you to be your most authentic self. This could be financially speaking or in terms of your relationships. In the meantime, reflect on whether your early experiences played a role in these Venusian aspects of your life. What are you finally ready to let go of and move on from?

On Dec. 6, Mercury will ingress into Capricorn and your second house of values, grounding you in your current reality. You’re truth-seeking at heart, but what you find isn’t always pretty. With a Mercury-ruled full moon happening the following day in your relationship sector – conjunct Mars retrograde in Gemini – you may be given no choice but to approach an important situation, and from a brutally honest perspective. Relaying this message may not necessarily be the easiest, but this truth coming to light will set you free. You’re being challenged to release outdated beliefs surrounding money, relationships, and your sense of self-worth. Venus’s ingress into Capricorn wants you to take your power back.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Weekly Horoscope For Dec. 4, 2022

Can you trust what you’re hearing, Capricorn? Things could be as ambiguous as ever, especially when Venus squares Neptune on Dec. 4. You may be longing for a certain amount of freedom in your immediate community and yet have no choice but to show up when you’re in the mood to retreat. Important conversations are likely to resurface when Mercury squares Jupiter on Dec. 6, but this is where you’re being encouraged to address the situation without losing your sense of compassion in the process. This could be with a close relative or sibling, so try to be as present as possible.

Mercury will ingress into your sign on Dec. 6, followed by a full moon in Gemini the following day. Conjunct Mars retrograde – via your sixth house of daily routines – this lunation will bring perspective and perhaps even clarity regarding the “missing details” around a certain situation. And when considering the sun’s opposition to Mars retrograde on Dec. 8, you could gain clarity on the truth behind your daily rituals or acts of service. Venus’s ingress into your sign always brings good news, but you should remain discerning with your investments.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Weekly Horoscope For Dec. 4, 2022

All the relationships you value are being brought to the forefront, Aquarius. The week of Dec. 4 begins with Venus and Neptune at a crossroads. This may have something to do with your desire for recognition, either in your extended network or on social media. The moon’s close proximity to rebellious Uranus on Dec. 5 shakes things up in your fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations, perhaps heightening your desire for freedom in the process. Beliefs around stability and finances could be top of mind when Mercury squares Jupiter on Dec. 6, but this is where you’re encouraged to take your personal experiences into account.

The following day, Mercury will ingress into Capricorn, lighting up your 12th house of closure, secrets, and inhibitions, and just in time for a full moon in Gemini the next day. Touching down on your flirty fifth house of children, romance, and passion projects, this lunation is likely to bring clarity around next steps or encourage you to address your feelings for someone in the workplace. The bottom line is: Is it all really worth it?

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) Weekly Horoscope For Dec. 4, 2022

Doubting yourself will only reflect onto your personal and professional endeavors, so make sure you’re being crystal clear, Pisces. This is especially true when considering the influence of your elusive planetary ruler, Neptune, this week. For instance, before wrapping up in Sagittarius – your 10th house of authority and reputation in the world – Venus will face off with Neptune in your sign on Dec. 4. This is where you’re being encouraged to reflect on the identities you’ve unconsciously absorbed or portrayed to the rest of the world. What do you stand for, and what beliefs are you ready to release in the process?

On Dec. 6, Mercury will ingress into Capricorn via your 11th house of community affairs and your sense of belonging in the world. Reflect on your visions of the future and the strategy behind your social endeavors. Are your actions in alignment with the individual you’re trying to become? How can you be more realistic with your goals moving forward? The moon will peak alongside Mars retrograde in Gemini on Dec. 7, bringing emphasis to your inner dialogue and the dynamic of your early experiences. It’s time to connect with your ride-or-dies, and those who share similar goals and dreams.

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