Your July 31 Weekly Horoscope Marks the Beginning of a Brand-New Era

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There’s never a dull moment under these stellar skies, and the energetic influence of the current astro-weather is enough to prove it. Your July 31 weekly horoscope includes a life-altering transit that’s been slowly but surely building momentum. Can you feel the shift? In addition to marking the beginning of a global awakening, this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence will trigger a series of epiphanies, breakthroughs, and energy activations.

And this revolution has been a long time coming. Whether or not you’ve chosen to keep tabs on current events, it’s no secret that something is shifting in a very big way. Uranus – the “great awakener” and the planet of chaos, innovation, and unexpected change – has been transiting through the sign Taurus since 2018. This fixed earth sign is a representation of our physical bodies, value systems, sense of security, and our relationship with the world at large. Since then, the change-maker planet has brought crisis, rebellion, and heaps of scientific data surrounding the natural world as well as an emphasis on themes revolving around construction, consumption, farming, and finances. It’s destabilised our sense of security and awakened us to the radical changes needed in order to sustain our home here on planet Earth.

Fast forward to July 31 when Uranus conjuncts the North Node in Taurus for the first time since 1855. The North Node is where we’re headed, both consciously and unconsciously. This cataclysmic conjunction is one of the most pivotal transits of the year; what was once secure, stable, and on solid ground is dismantling steadily and consistently. Then on Aug. 1, go-getter Mars will join forces with Uranus, fuelling the fire and momentum of this climactic event. Put simply, it’s a big wake-up call – specifically with regard to our sense of security and values systems.

If you’re wondering what this week has in store for you, read on for your weekly horoscope for July 31 through Aug. 6, according to your zodiac sign and your rising sign. For a look at your whole year, check out your 2022 horoscope as well.

Aries (March 21-April 19) Weekly Horoscope For July 31, 2022

You’re setting yourself free this week, Aries. The week of July 31 kicks off on a rebellious note as the change-maker planet will join forces with the North Node in Taurus in your second house of comfort. Whether it’s regarding your values, sensual pleasures, or the money you have in the bank, the cosmos is pulling the rug from beneath your feet. Don’t fret – your growth is progress. Besides, your ruling planet, Mars, will join Uranus the following day, which brings energy and momentum to these swift changes. Are you ready to own up to your self-worth?

You’re recognising your infinite potential and breaking away from a toxic situation. Mercury enters Virgo and your responsible sixth house of health, due diligence, and daily rituals on Aug. 4, bringing clarity and grounding to your day-to-day lifestyle. Routine checkups, work schedules, and your productivity levels are top of mind throughout this very mercurial transit. Genuine acts of service are also welcome.

Taurus (April 20-May 20) Weekly Horoscope For July 31, 2022

Ready for liftoff, Taurus? The new-and-improved version of you is ready to make its big debut in the world, but all things conventional or traditional are likely out the window. No need to hang onto the past or resist the metamorphosis that’s occurring within. Your eccentricities make you incredibly unique, and it’s about time you embraced these colourful parts of yourself without fear or hesitation. This is especially true when considering electric Uranus’s close proximity to the North Node in your sign on July 31. Authenticity is magic, and this is where you bridge the gap between your physical reality and higher mind.

The following day, Mars will join rebellious Uranus in your sign, which, in turn, energises and inspires you to make the necessary changes. You are, however, more prone to irritability and unexpected mood swings, so be mindful of sudden outbursts. On Aug. 2, your seductive planetary ruler, Venus, will align with Mars–Uranus in your sign, bringing some much-needed peace of mind and perhaps some validation. Expect the unexpected in love and romance, and indulge your quirks when it comes to your individual aesthetic.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) Weekly Horoscope For July 31, 2022

Protect your energy, Gemini. The week of July 31 will begin on an erratic note, given the highly anticipated and revolutionary conjunction between Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. Supercharging your 12th house of closure, dreams, inhibitions, and unconscious patterns, you’re not only more intuitive than usual but also selfless and empathic with your surroundings. Moreover, you are being called to break away from stagnancy energies and patterns of self-sabotage, which are being made clear to you as we speak. Pat yourself on the back, because you’ve already come so far. Sounds far out (and it is) but paranormal activity is also likely under these electric skies, so don’t dismiss your intuitive downloads.

On Aug. 1, Mars will conjunct Uranus, adding a layer of zeal and vigor to your life behind the scenes. Similar to that of a spiritual warrior, you’re equally as subliminal as you are present to your surroundings. On Aug. 4, your celestial ruler, Mercury, will enter your celestial sibling, Virgo, and your fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations. If you’re feeling homesick, now you know why. Although, above all, this is an opportunity to tend to your inner garden and be of service to your humble abode, both literally and regarding your family.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) Weekly Horoscope For July 31, 2022

You know who your true friends are, and that’s all that matters, Cancer. After all, with Uranus revolutionising your 11th house of community affairs, you’ve likely chosen to surround yourself with an eclectic array of individuals, some of which share similar goals and aspirations. You may also consider yourself somewhat of a wanderer at this time as you’re equally as detached as you are intrigued to explore other horizons.

When Uranus conjuncts the North Node in Taurus on July 31, it presents you with an opportunity to create the change you seek. Whether it’s something in your professional work environment or regarding a passion project you’d like to share with friends and peers, today is the day to put yourself out there. Granted, you never know what you’re going to get with Uranus, so expecting the unexpected and releasing any sort of expectation is key. Mars will join the party the next day, supercharging your goals and dreams with steady momentum. Don’t lose focus. On Aug. 4, Mercury will enter Virgo and your third house of communication; this is an excellent energy for analysis, compartmentalisation, and strategy. Lending your inner circle a helping hand is also encouraged.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Weekly Horoscope For July 31, 2022

You shine effortlessly wherever you go, Leo. So, when considering the undeniable chaos stemming from the upcoming astro-weather . . . the truth is, you have nothing to worry about. On July 31, electric Uranus will join the North Node in an exhilarating conjunction in your 10th house of authority, career, and reputation. You’re the boss, literally. Don’t stress if your plans are changing, though: nothing is set in stone, and your long-term goals are more than likely in a flux. There are likely some sparkling opportunities catching you off guard as you’re prioritising your sense of professional security. All that said, don’t be discouraged if things feel unconventional or unorganised at this time; there is beauty in the breakdown.

Venus will connect with Mars–Uranus the next day, urging you to take a step back and reflect on next steps. Sit with your ideas, intentions, and observations. Take your time, because patience will be a crucial part of this journey. On Aug. 4, Mercury will return to its home sign, Virgo, and your second house of values, finances, and security. This is a time for budgeting, investing, and being discerning with your expenditures. You may also opt for brainstorming on potential monetisation and ways to capitalise on your talents.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Weekly Horoscope For July 31, 2022

Where are you off to next, Virgo? Sounds like a cliché, but the world really is your oyster. The week of July 31 kicks off on an inspiring note as revolutionary Uranus will collide with the North Node in Taurus in your expansive ninth house of adventure, opportunity, and unknown territory. There are so many places to see and people to meet. You’re intrigued by the mere thought of exploring other avenues, and the universe is encouraging you to do just that. Belief systems are also likely to change suddenly at this time, but just know that it’s all for the best. Your higher self is taking the driver’s seat, and all you have to do is surrender.

On Aug. 2, Venus will align with Mars–Uranus–North Node in this area of your chart, all the while glimmering through your 11th house of community affairs. New collaboration in the works? In addition to tapping into your creative muse, Venus in Cancer is bringing you closer to those who share similar hopes and dreams. Follow your intuition, and gather with those who uplift and inspire you. On Aug. 4, your celestial ruler, Mercury, will return to your sign, which is always a good time. After all, you are as mercurial as it gets, so when it pertains to matters of communication, analysis, and strategy, you’ll have the upper hand as you’ll be in your truest element.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Weekly Horoscope For July 31, 2022

Your perception of intimacy, along with the foundation of your exchanges, is in the midst of a serious revamp, compliments of the cosmos. This is especially true when considering Uranus’s close proximity to the North Node in Taurus in your eighth house of shared resources, sexual relations, and spiritual debts. It doesn’t have to be a romantic situationship or a professional entanglement, but it very well could be. Expect surprising developments either way, even if that means sudden wealth. Never say never, Libra.

Mars will conjunct Uranus on Aug. 1, bringing energy and momentum to this new beginning, but it’s important to steer way from petty quarrels and stubborn arguing. Things could go from zero to 100, and quick. The next day, your celestial ruler, Venus, will align with Mars–Uranus, all while dazzling your 10th house of authority, career, and reputation. If you were contemplating a financial investment or a new partnership in your professional life, your intuition will be at an all-time high. Oh, and with Mercury debuting in Virgo on Aug. 4, there’s no denying nor escaping the validity of your inner dialogue. Pay attention to what you’re channelling, and journal your dreams.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Weekly Horoscope For July 31, 2022

You’ve never been the indecisive type, but you very well could be during this time, Scorpio. The week of July 31 will begin with unconventional Uranus conjunct the North Node in Taurus in your committed seventh house of agreements and significant others. You’re not the same person you once were . . . and the same goes for the people you’ve been consciously surrounding yourself with or committing to. After all, Uranus is notorious for being disruptive and chaos loving, and this erratic behaviour is being reflected onto your one-on-one partnerships.

Things could feel on and off, but this celestial mayhem is taking it a step further. Whether it’s regarding your relationship values or what makes you feel secure in your individual freedom, the cosmos is here to help you break through a barrier that’s been blocking you. On Aug. 1, your traditional ruler, Mars, will step in to fuel the fire, but that doesn’t mean it’s no holds barred. Be mindful of impulsivity, and be discerning with your approach. On Aug. 4, intellectual Mercury will return to its sign of rulership, Virgo, in your 11th house of community affairs. Lean on your friends and peers for support, and offer the same gestures in return. Acts of service and collaborations are encouraged.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Weekly Horoscope For July 31, 2022

Routines have never been your forte, but this couldn’t be more accurate at this time, Sagittarius. On July 31, rebellious Uranus will conjunct the North Node in Taurus, bringing unexpected shakeups to everything from the foundation of your daily rituals to the dynamics of your day-to-day lifestyle. In other words: structure, who? You have no problem going with the flow, but this highly anticipated transit is taking it a step further. How can you tap into your higher mind and integrate your visions of the future with your current reality? Whether it’s your workout vibe or the way you go about your day, something’s meant to change for your highest good.

On Aug. 1, go-getter Mars (celestial ruler of your heart-centred fifth house) will join Uranus, bringing energy and momentum to your daily rituals as well as your five senses. Sprucing up your routine habits and opting for a little more technology is also likely. Mercury will also be returning to your career sector on Aug. 4, which, in turn, brings grounding and clarity to your professional endeavours as well as your plans for the future. It’s time to get organised.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Weekly Horoscope For July 31, 2022

You’ve never been the unpredictable type – but that was then, and this is now, Capricorn. The week of July 31 will kick off with eccentric Uranus conjunct the North Node in Taurus in your expressive fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and self-expression. Whether it’s romantically, creatively, or regarding children, the cosmos is urging you to break away from outdated ways of thinking so you can explore other avenues and creative pursuits. Your heart chakra is being activated, and this awakening is reflecting onto your social life.

Keep in mind, go-getter Mars will join Uranus the following day, which is equivalent to fuelling the fires of your heart’s desires. You’re more likely to act in a completely different manner during this time, and it’s catching people around you off guard. When was the last time you took a load off and had some fun? You’re reuniting with your inner child, but this is just the beginning. On Aug. 2, amidst glimmering through your relationship sector, Venus will connect with Mars–Uranus, suggesting an unexpected encounter with a romantic suitor or a potential prospect for creative collaborations. The sky’s the limit, literally.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Weekly Horoscope For July 31, 2022

Leave the past where it belongs, and step into your sparkling, future self, Aquarius. On July 31, your modern ruler, Uranus, will join forces with the North Node in Taurus which, in turn, brings chaos and unexpected shocks to your fourth house of home, family matters, and innermost feelings. Some of you may decide to completely renovate your home, while others may install some piece of brand-new technology. More importantly, however, this an opportunity for you to reflect on your unconventional values and sense of security, even if that means going about things a little differently. You’re not meant to fall in line, so don’t be obliged to follow the crowd. That’s not who you are anyway, and those you hold dear to your heart have to accept you for the beautiful unicorn you are.

On Aug. 2, Venus will align with Mars–Uranus while dazzling your sixth house of daily routines, which is a plus for energies surrounding your self-care rituals and acts of mindfulness. Take a personal day, and find the home within yourself. Mercury will enter Virgo and your intimate eighth house of mergers, shared resources, and soulmate connections on Aug. 4, highlighting the taboo topics you’d much rather sweep under the rug. Maybe it’s a financial conversation you’ve been avoiding with a significant other or the logistics of an investment you’re not necessarily looking forward to addressing. Stand firm, and do your due diligence.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) Weekly Horoscope For July 31, 2022

Your moment of truth is here, Pisces. The week of July 31 will begin on a supercharged and exhilarating note, as revolutionary Uranus will meet with the North Node in Taurus in your third house of communication. To say that this is your eureka moment would be a literal understatement, but it goes beyond the brilliant beyond brilliant idea. You’re breaking through a barrier that’s been stifling your mindset and approach in the real world. You’re seeing beyond the practicalities of your lower mind and embracing the the epiphanies of your higher self. On Aug. 1, Mars will join Uranus, adding fiery passion to your exchanges, thought process, and collaborations. Thinking outside of the box is inevitable, but be mindful of any unexpected outbursts.

The following day, while wandering through your heart-centred fifth house of love, passion, and self-expression, Venus will align with Mars and Uranus, which is where things are more likely to shift with regards to love, romance, and values. Mercury will return to Virgo and your committed seventh house of agreements on Aug. 4, so important conversations are bound to resurface. Relay your message with confidence and clarity, even if that means unveiling your next big idea.

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