Get Through the Roughest Parts of Parenting With a Little Help From These Subreddits

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To say that parenting is a tough gig is . . . the biggest understatement. But while we’re quick to share the adorable moments of our children’s lives, we’re less likely to broadcast the trials and tribulations of raising a small human. The blunt truth is that at times, you might feel like you’re not in control of your mind, your body, or your schedule, and it’s completely normal to experience frustration and loneliness. So, where’s a parent to turn when they need a safe space to let it out?

For parents around the world, the answer is Reddit. One of the most-visited sites on the internet, Reddit’s unique blend of anonymity and networking makes it a haven for those who long to feel seen and understood. There are dozens of communities (called “subreddits”) on the platform dedicated to parenting – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Whether you need a cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to say, “That really sucks,” check out these subreddits when you’re slogging through the marshlands of parenthood.

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