17 Reasons the Cayman Islands Are the Best Place in the Entire Caribbean

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When thinking of the ultimate tropical destination, the Cayman Islands always come to mind. I’ve been there a handful of times with my family over the years, and that little slice of paradise located in the Caribbean Sea just keeps getting better and better. Made up of three islands under British rule – they use Cayman Islands (CI) money with Queen Elizabeth’s face on the bills! – Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman are known for their crystal-clear blue waters, diving and snorkeling sites, food, wildlife, and beaches. They basically have everything you could want in a tropical getaway. And while other popular vacation destinations have been built up over the years, the Cayman Islands still remain mostly untouched. They’re also pretty easy to get to with most flights making a stop in Miami before hopping over to Grand Cayman, and you can find round-trip airfare even in peak season for around $400. So, grab your suits and shades, and keep reading for 17 reasons you should book a trip to the Cayman Islands ASAP.

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