The Trick to Finding the Right Crystal for Your Needs

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If you’re a fan of alternative practices, there’s a good chance you have a few crystals on your desk or in your home. There are a number of crystals to choose from and each has its own vibe. Need a little pep in your step? There are crystals that can boost your energy and mood. In fact, there’s pretty much a crystal for every situation.

If you’re new to the world of crystals and are keen to get more involved in using them for healing practices, it helps to have an understanding of what each crystal does and how it can help you. When it comes to choosing crystals, it’s often said that the crystal chooses the person — not the other way around.

The selection process relies on you tapping into your intuition. Purchasing crystals in person from a store is the easiest way to find the right crystal for you as it allows you to get a feel of the energy of each stone. Scan your eyes over the options and if you feel yourself being pulled in any one direction, follow it.

If you’re not feeling pulled to any particular stones, close your eyes and try running your non-dominant hand over the crystals, which according to MindBodyGreen, should prompt a “tug” response from one of the stones. You can also pick up individual stones you feel drawn to in order to see how they feel in your hand.

You might experience a few tugs but depending on how many crystals you’re looking at buying, go with the one which has the greatest effect. You basically want to buy the stone that is yelling out for your attention so go with your gut!

The other way to find the perfect crystal for your needs is to investigate what quality you are hoping to harness via the stone. For example, if you’re wanting to help foster a little more self-love in your life, a quick Google search shows that rose quartz is the way to go. Rose quartz is gentle and soothing and encourages you to feel compassion for yourself.

Using this method — where you identify your need and research crystal qualities — is the best way to find crystals when buying online, as you’re missing the energetic pull you can experience in person. Focus on what you want to target in your life, do a little research and add those particular crystals to your cart.

Crystal shopping isn’t an exact science, and it requires you to really trust your intuition, so try your best to tap into this when browsing for your next mineral purchase.

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