Do They Like You Back? What Different Types of Kisses Mean

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It’s International Kissing Day, which means it’s time to plant a wet one on your crush, no excuses.

We all love a good snog, but kissing is actually a language of it’s own. There are different types of kisses that we give in different scenarios to different people and yes, we’re giving you permission to read into them.

You might also prefer certain styles of kissing over others and that’s okay. It’s good to try lots of different styles, and find out what works for you.

Here are the meanings behind some of our most common kissing styles.

The Peck

If you peck someone on the lips, you’re basically touching your puckered lips to theirs for a brief moment. It’s a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment. Depending on your relationship to the person, a peck can have multiple different meanings. Some families peck on the lips and some friendship groups greet each other with pecks, but pecks can often be nervous first kisses too. If you’re into someone who pecks you, you’re always left wanting more and tbh, they probably do too.

The French Kiss

We all know that French kissing involves tongue. Lots of tongue, integrated slowly throughout the kiss. It’s that passionate open-mouth-style kissing, that can either be super hot or really slobbery. A French kiss is a great way to tell if someone is a good kisser or not – because there’s literally nowhere to hide. It’s also okay not to be a natural at French kissing right away, it actually takes a bit of practise (what a shame) and is different with everyone. We’d recommend French kissing as much as possible… in the name of research.

The Forehead Kiss

The forehead kiss, although not sexual, is often extremely intimate. It’s a sign of nurture and deep care, which can sometimes feel more meaningful than a sexual kiss. I’ve been kissed on the forehead by people of all relationships to me; my parents, my boyfriend, good friends I have sexual chemistry with or a deep emotional connection… the list goes on. A kiss on the forehead is almost like saying “I understand you, I care about you and I’m here for you” which honestly, makes my heart melt at the best of times. This kiss is a classic for friends that want to be more than friends but haven’t quite found the right words or moment yet. If you’re into a friend and they’ve given you a forehead kiss at some point, it’s a sign.

The American Kiss

Although not really spoken about much, the American kiss is a cult favourite and also one of the most common ways to kiss. It’s just like a French kiss, but without the tongue. I have to assume the name comes from all the American teen drama boy-meets-girl movies where they open-mouth kiss without tongue. The American kiss is always the dream kiss in high school, and unfortunately not often the reality. If you’re being American kissed, they’re into you.

The Neck Kiss

Oh where do I begin with the neck kiss? I have tingles just thinking about it. Neck kisses always seem to happen just before or during sex, and even when you’re fully clothed, they have a sensual vibe to them. The neck is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, so when someone kisses you there, it immediately shoots tingles up your spine. A scenario where a neck kiss is platonic, is very rare. So don’t be fooled.

The Nose Kiss

The nose kiss is oddly, a huge turn on. A boy kissed me on the nose in the school yard once and I’ve never forgotten it. A nose kiss is a great way to show you like someone without having to give too much away. It can also be super platonic kiss. It’s maybe the only kiss that is truly versatile and unexpectedly lovely.

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