What It Means to Have a Grand Cross in Your Astrological Chart

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When it comes to your zodiac sign, there’s almost an overload of information out there. From monthly horoscopes to birth charts, diving deep into your sign’s characteristics can seem a bit overwhelming . . . but it doesn’t always have to be. I’ve spent the last few years really getting to know my sign (Pisces) and birth chart, and not only have I learned that I have a Grand Cross in my chart, I’ve also learned what it means (and what it means if you have one, too). Here’s a full breakdown of what Grand Crosses actually are and what they do.

What Is a Grand Cross?

Let me start by saying that having a Grand Cross in your birth chart is pretty rare. Your birth chart is a diagram of where all the planets in the solar system were on the day you were born. (If you don’t have your birth chart yet, try filling one out for free here.) A Grand Cross means that when you were born, four planets created a cross, or, to put it another way, four planets aligned in sharp 90-degree angles. When I was born, Jupiter was directly across from Venus, Mars was directly across from Neptune, and all four planets (Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Neptune) were at right angles to each other.

When planets are in opposition, they generally tend to fight against one another, and when they form a cross, all four are at odds, meaning there’s a lot of conflict between different parts of your personality. Think of it as being pulled in four opposite directions at once. Like your birth sign, a Grand Cross in your birth chart will always exist and will impact your life in a number of ways.

How Having a Grand Cross Can Affect You

My Grand Cross can be seen in the conflict in my love life, my financial health, and my sense of freedom. Venus controls my emotional and romantic life while Jupiter represents expansion and the accumulation of money. This means I’m often torn between pursuing romantic relationships and providing for myself.

My Mars and Neptune are also at odds. Mars is the ruler of physical energy and action, while Neptune represents a sense of freedom and independence. This opposition plays out in areas where my actions limit my feeling of freedom. I see this in my constant quest for the “perfect” job. I’ll start a job and feel excited at the prospect of actually doing something, but before long I’ll feel the constancy of a routine restricting my sense of freedom. In other examples, I often feel stifled in romantic relationships (conflict between Neptune and Venus) and make poor financial choices out of a desire to feel independent (conflict between Jupiter and Neptune).

Whatever the four planets are that formed a cross when you were born, these four parts of your personality will be constantly working against one another. Each cross is different and will play out differently depending on the planets involved.

Perks of Having a Grand Cross

Don’t worry – having a Grand Cross isn’t all bad. In many ways it’s forced me to be smarter about my decision-making and to consider all parts of my life and how they’ll impact one another. With great difficulties come great possibilities, and the fact that there hasn’t been a single year out of my past 26 that’s even been close to boring for me is proof. For all the trouble it’s caused, my Grand Cross also means I’m always on some sort of adventure, whether it be in writing, my personal life, travel, or beyond.

A Grand Cross to me means intensity, for better and for worse. By learning about my Grand Cross, I’ve been able to better understand how to use it to my benefit. I’m learning to notice when I get in my own way, and when I’m making decisions that are good for one part of my life but damaging in another. I give myself plenty of space in those situations and seek to learn from past mistakes. In general, I try not to get too intense and caught up in every little detail. If you have a Grand Cross in your chart, you may need to buckle up, but with some hard work and understanding, the ride can take you anywhere.

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