Distance Learning Not Going Well? Hit the Reset Button With These 10 Strategies

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As a school psychologist and mom of two elementary school daughters myself, I really thought I would be prepared for this latest round of distance learning. After all, I’d literally just created an entire parenting course on how to cope with pandemic parenting. I set up the cute space. I set the expectations using visual aids. I knew the tips on how to help kids learn at home. We had a calming menu on the fridge, ready to go, should anyone have an emotional or behavioral challenge (parents included!). I did everything “right.”

Then, 50 percent of my children hated it anyway. My little one was not having it, despite my best efforts. Distance learning is hard for everyone, but it’s especially tough for those in the younger grades who are accustomed to more hands-on, play-based, and guided instruction, and for children with special needs. Parents who are experiencing challenges may need to hit the distance-learning reset button to get out a negativity spiral. Here’s 10 things to try today that can help.

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