Does Your Cat Wait For You Outside the Bathroom? Here’s Why

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It seems like ever since I started spending more time at home the past year my two cats, Tiny and Alfredo, have been glued to me even more than usual. They sit on top of the refrigerator (I know) to watch me cook, sleep on my lap while I am working on the computer, and love to try and block the door to my apartment when I go out to run errands.

Another habit they have formed over the last twelve months that baffles me is that they now like to stand outside of the bathroom while I am in there, almost as if they are guarding it. Every time I go in to take a shower they get in their positions on the other side of the door and stay there until I reemerge. What gives? To help learn more about another one of cats’ quirky behaviours, POPSUGAR spoke to two experts.

As it turns out, there are a few interesting reasons why your feline friend may be posting outside of your bathroom door while you are in it. One reason, explained Dwight Alleyne, DVM, vet, medical director at Destination Pet and a JustAnswer pet health expert, has to do with the cat’s personality. “Affectionate cats love to be around their owners no matter where they are,” said Dr. Alleyne. He went on to explain that cats who are affectionate may not understand that the bathroom is a place for privacy and will be adamant about following you there.

Another reason has to do with their curiosity. Cats are territorial by nature, so when they are blocked off from a certain part of the home the space that is off-limits to them may pique their curiosity. “When you enter the bathroom, your cat is left a little curious as to why they are being excluded,” said Mikel (Maria) Delgado, certified cat behaviour consultant and cat behaviour expert with Rover, “The bathroom is the one room we reliably close off more than any other in our home,” Dr. Delgado added.

Lastly, your cat may be waiting for you outside of the bathroom while you are in there because they are trying to get your attention. “Cats also can be attention seekers for different reasons,” said Dr. Alleyne. He shared that these reasons could include everything from hunger and anxiety, to even just seeking affection. “Cats following us into the bathroom may be their way of them trying to communicate a concern they want us to fix,” he added.

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