Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde With This Astrologer’s Tips


Whether you’re a loyal follower of astrology or a curious bystander, it seems nobody can escape the drama surrounding Mercury retrograde. In astrology, Mercury is the ruler of communication, travel, and technology, keeping everything at bay during its direct-motion orbit. However, when it rewinds into its retrograde period, it heralds in a time of flashbacks, miscommunication, and yes – that infamous ex who somehow manages to make an appearance.

It makes sense that between all the chaos, people dread this karma-inducing transit. But according to astrologer Lisa Stardust, this planetary backspin is misunderstood and can actually be an extremely beneficial opportunity for growth. In fact, you shouldn’t too much worry about Mercury retrograde at all.

Can Mercury Retrograde Actually Be a Good Thing?

Just like Mercury is “rewinding,” retrogrades are like the cosmos’s way of getting us to step back, reassess, and apply the lessons we’ve already learned (hence the exes). Tech glitches and bugs, travel plans falling through, and miscommunication are also common occurrences during this time. “When communication, technology, and travel gets wonky we tend to freak out, mostly because we mirror other people’s energy,” Stardust explains. “If you take a breath and rid yourself of anxiety, then everyone can have a moment of chill and decompress. Less talking and reacting is necessary.”

Sometimes, rewinding can be helpful. Rather than ruminate, Mercury retrograde offers you a chance to revisit – and ideally conquer – any unresolved issues or recurring emotions. Delayed flights and late trains can be inconvenient, but they can also serve as extra downtime to be present and reflective.

“As long as you give yourself room for error and a chance to breathe, then nothing major will happen,” Stardust says. “In my opinion, [retrograde] allows us to see things from a different lens as the planet of communication slows down. We can use the power of slowing down to take stock of what matters and make necessary changes.”

How to Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde

If you find yourself replaying the past, Mercury retrograde might be a good time to try and reconcile this. “Retrogrades are a really good time to reassess, revisit, and refine matters,” Stardust explains. “It’s a great time to check in with people you haven’t spoken to in a while and maybe bury the hatchet.”

While making commitments during backspin periods are generally frowned upon by astrologists, Stardust says going back to things you had to put on pause could do a world of good. “[Retrograde] is also a time to pick up an old project that’s been on the back burner and complete it or reimagine it,” Stardust explains.

However, be sure not to overexert yourself during this time. Stardust recommends to make room for downtime during retrograde in order to reassess what you need now. After taking time to self-reflect, you’ll be in a proper headspace to take action.

“Allow yourself to have a few shake-ups and make changes,” says Stardust. “Use [retrograde’s] energy to your advantage, and try to transform your life for the better,” says Stardust.

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