Win a $2,300 Samsung Flip Phone Bundle to Officially Usher In Your Y2K Baddie Era


Remember the satisfaction of flipping your phone shut to end a frustrating conversation (or simply doing it to feel a little bit powerful in high school)? Well, flip phones are back, baby, and if you’ve seen them start to dominate your feeds recently, it’s all thanks to Samsung, which has dragged the nostalgic fave into 2022 with some serious upgrades. And because we love you, we’re giving you the chance to win a top-tier tech bundle, including three of Samsung’s latest launches.

Samsung recently launched its Galaxy Z range, which includes the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 that’s as chic as it is user-friendly. Our favourite feature is the way you can half-fold the phone and prop it on a surface to take hands-free selfies or to video chat with friends and family without copping an arm cramp.

What’s especially cool about this range from Samsung is the way sustainability has been considered during the manufacturing process. For example, Samsung has incorporated eco-conscious materials including repurposed fishing nets, post-consumer materials (PCM) or bio-based resin into components of 90% of Galaxy devices launched in the past year[1]. In fact, more than 90 per cent of the plastic elements in the Galaxy Buds2 Pros are made with recycled materials[2]

If health and fitness are your top priorities, then you’ll be pleased to know we’re also giving away a Galaxy Watch5 Pro. It’s perhaps the sleekest smartwatch we’ve seen to date and is designed for outdoor adventurers, coming packed with features like GPX hike tracking and even more durability than previous models[3].

To help you upgrade all your tech in one go, we’re giving away one Samsung Galaxy Z bundle worth $2,347 RRP — here’s what you could win:

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Phone, B4 8GB + 128GB
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, 
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch5 40mm, BT

To take out the prize, simply tell us in 25 words or less, how winning a flip phone bundle will help you harness your main character energy in everyday life. Terms and conditions apply.

[1] By number of models. This includes Galaxy smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables Samsung launched globally from September 2021 to August 2022. There are 37 models launched globally during this period and 34 models include at least one component that is made of recycled materials or bio-based resin.
[2] More than 90% of all the plastic components of Galaxy Buds2 Pro, in weight, are made of recycled materials. 29 grams of plastics are used in the Galaxy Buds2 Pro in total, and it includes more than 27 grams recycled materials. Each of these components contains at least 20% of either discarded fishing nets (ocean-bound plastic) or post-consumer materials. Recycled fishing nets are used in three internal components of the cradle case in its bracket deco front, bracket battery holder and bracket-PCB. Post-consumer recycled materials are used in eight exterior components. Four components in both Ear Buds in its case front left/right, case rear left/right. And four components in the cradle case in its deco front, case-upper, case-upper inner, and case-lower.
[3] Provided when GPX format route file is imported for hiking and cycling and route is set as target under Samsung Health settings. GPS Navigation requires signup and pairing with your compatible smartphone. Bluetooth and wireless connection required, mobile fees may apply.
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