These 13 Need-to-Know Women Are Breaking New Ground in Tech, Web3 and Gaming

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A recent stat from the Technology Council of Australia states that only 1 in 4 people in technical roles in the tech industry are women. While that number, of course, needs to be changed, we at POPSUGAR Australia thought it worth highlighting the women who are currently kicking goals across tech, Web3 and gaming.

From a digital artist who’s been commissioned and shouted out by Paris Hilton, to an Australian Fulbright Scholar studying aerospace engineering at Texas A&M University and a research lead voted NSW Young Woman of the Year in 2020, these are the 13 Australian women under 30 making waves across the wider tech industry and worth knowing about.

Yasmin Zaman, 25

Fulbright Scholar, Aerospace Engineering Masters Student at Texas A&M University

Yasmin Zaman recently graduaetd from Aerospace Engineering & Neuroscience. She completed her Honours thesis on rocket grid fin aerodynamics in the Martian atmosphere.

Hannah Beder, 27

Learning Designer and Research Lead at Creatable

Hannah Beder was voted NSW Young Woman of the Year in 2020. She’s currently a Learning Designer and Research Lead at Creatable and a Cohort Lead and Mentor at Code Like a Girl.

Alessandra Negline, 20

NFT Consultant and Analyst, Podcast Producer and Host

Alessandra Negline works as an NFT Consultant and Analyst. She also has her own podcast, The Imitation Podcast, in which she interviews industry leaders creating our future.

Aastha Rawat, 25

Senior Consultant at PwC, Data Scientist

Aastha Rawat has a background in data wrangling, modelling and analysis, and is currently a Senior Consultant at PwC. She’s passionate about supporting women in STEM and doing her part in bridging the gap.

Marina Wu, 25

Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer at Earlywork

Marina Wu is the Co-Founder of Earlywork, a hub for young people who are looking for and building careers in the tech and startup space. Previously, she was a Product Manager at Finder.

Olivia Widjaja, 21

Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering Student at University of New South Wales

Olivia Widjaja is doing a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Aerospace Engineering at the University of New South Wales. She wants to help solve the space junk problem and become a role model for other women looking to enter the space engineering field.

Megha Tripathi, 30

Community Lead at Pixies World, NFT Investor

Megha Tripathi is an NFT investor who believes the true value of being involved with NFTs is in the communities based around them. She’s currently working on projects that aim to make a difference in Web3.

Serwah Attafuah, 24

Digital Artist, NFT Creator

Serwah Attafuah grew up creating art, but during COVID, really got into digital art and eventually NFT creation. She’s not only been commissioned by Paris Hilton for a piece, but also shouted out by Hilton too.

Darcey Watson, 25

Executive Officer at The Andy Thomas Space Foundation

Darcey Watson is Executive Officer of the Andy Thomas Space Foundation where she works on furthering new scientific discoveries. She’s also the co-founder of CoLab Society and co-host of the CoLab Society podcast where she covers the diverse career pathways within the field of science.

Tran Ha, 27

Senior Consultant of Engineering, Assets and Project Delivery at KPMG

Tran Ha is a Senior Consultant at KMPG Australia where she looks after engineering, assets and project delivery, as well as data analystics and visualisation.

Sami Tauber, 27

Metaverse Story Creator and Keynote Speaker

Sami Tauber created futuristic Metaverse heroine VNCCII to elevate the conciousness of humanity. She’s also a keynote speaker, visual artist and electronic music producer.

Madeline Wu, 24

Chief Remote Pilot at SureFact Aerial

Madeline Wu works as Chief Remote Pilot at SureFact Aerial where she’s responsible for ensuring the company is ahead of the curve in respect to technological advancement. She’s a fully qualified drone pilot and holds a private pilot license.

Natasha Bazika, 25

Content Producer at Thrillist Australia and NFT Investor

In addition to writing for Thrillist Australia, published by Val Morgan Digital (publisher of POPSUGAR Australia), Natasha Bazika is also an NFT investor who hopes to achieve financial independence by 30.

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