Working Remotely? Change Your “Home” With These 10 Workation Packages From Hotels Around the World

Unsplash / Nomadic Julien

For many people, the shift to working from home amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has been a silver living during a very tough time. Me? I’ll admit I was a little relieved the day my supervisor announced that my team would be working remotely for the foreseeable future. I said goodbye to the $400-a-month commute to the city and the uncomfortable high heels I usually wore and said hello to sweatpants during Zoom meetings, more quality time with my dogs, and a healthy work-life balance for the first time ever.

But there are still times when a six-person household with two barking dogs can feel like the most stressful, least conducive environment for productivity. With libraries and coffee shops out of the question, the hotel industry’s new “workation” stay packages have been both a saving grace and luxury for professionals like myself in search of alternative places to work for an extended period of time.

Whether it’s a week at a local hotel in the next town over or a month at a resort in the Caribbean, a workation is the ultimate way to revitalize your work ethic with a much-needed change of scenery and, of course, enough high-speed WiFi to ensure you don’t glitch out in the middle of a Zoom call. For anyone who works from home, here are 10 hotels around the world with the best workation packages.

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