Your 2022 Horoscope Is Here, and You're About to Get a Freaking Break


They say time flies when you’re having fun, but what they didn’t tell you is, the same goes for living during a pandemic. Thank goodness there’s plenty to look forward to in your 2022 horoscope. You’re not alone if you feel the concept of time is more baffling than ever. Now, almost two years since the beginning of 2020, I still find myself looking back at the merciless January 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction that occurred at the start of this global crisis that has pushed our limits both as individuals and as a collective. Positioned in Capricorn – a symbol of structures, foundations, and hierarchies – these malefic planets began to dissolve previously set systems and traditions that were no longer serving us. This event, along with the North Node in Cancer in 2020, which collectively guided us to go inward, gave us no choice but to retreat and nurture the home within ourselves. Since then, however, we’ve been able to forge new structures that align with our soul’s purpose, even if that meant working permanently from the comfort of our own homes. Some planetary transits are more challenging than others, but the good news is, there aren’t any Saturn-Pluto conjunctions in your 2022 horoscope.

Fast-forward to January 2021, a week or so after the Great Conjunction, when Saturn joined Jupiter in the first degree of Aquarius. This rare occurrence was a celestial prelude to the era waiting for us over the horizon. More importantly, however, Jupiter’s transit through Aquarius – a symbol of community, freedom, humanitarianism, innovation, and technology – bestowed on us a renewed sense of optimism for the future. Look at it this way: Jupiter magnifies everything it touches, Saturn places limitations, and Aquarius starts a revolution. Together, this astrological synergy prompted significant societal advancements that, despite the turmoil, laid out a path forward.

Something important to consider as you dive into your 2022 horoscope is the long-term effects of Saturn’s transit through Aquarius, especially with regard to our individuality. Saturn tends to be restrictive, but it also teaches us the value of discipline. In Aquarius, the taskmaster planet has extended a helping hand when it comes to polishing our individual skill sets and how we share these unique parts of us with the world. With this in mind, Saturn will square Uranus for a third time before the new year, which continues to teach us how to adapt to the societal developments we’ve been experiencing since 2020. Venus will also station retrograde in Saturn-ruled Capricorn on Dec. 19, triggering significant changes in the financial landscape. Conjunct transformative Pluto – just four degrees away from the Saturn-Pluto conjunction we experienced in 2020 – Venus’s retrograde is likely to introduce major economic shifts that will play out in the world at large, starting at the end of 2021 and continuing throughout 2022. On a brighter and more soothing note, however, Jupiter will slip into mystical Pisces from Dec. 28 all the way through May 2022, heightening our compassion while bringing us closer to the divine. All in all, 2021 was a lesson in patience and perseverance. Now, it’s time to look beyond the surface in order to discover your limitless potential.

Here’s what your 2022 horoscope is highlighting for you, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries (March 21-April 19) 2022 Horoscope: You’re Healing, Manifesting, and Stepping Into Your Power

Aries, what do your hopes and wishes look like for 2022? The truth is, the possibilities are endless for you, especially when considering lucky Jupiter’s official return to Pisces and your mystical 12th house of dreams, karma, and all things behind the scenes. Put simply, your 12th house has everything to do with your unconscious mind and where you retreat to recharge your spirit. Perhaps you’re thinking of planning your next getaway to decompress? Jupiter is, after all, the planet of travel and higher learning, so whether it be a spiritual retreat in a resort overlooking the ocean, or perhaps a public mining sight where you can dig for crystals, this retreat period will lead you down a path of both healing and renewal.

This Jupiter transit is here to activate your third-eye chakra, so don’t be afraid to tap into your intuitive mind to help guide you toward your true feelings and needs. The best part? For the first time in 12 years, the planet of luck and expansion will enter your sign on May 10, before retrograding back into Pisces on Oct. 28 and returning in December to your sign, where it will remain for the majority of 2023. You’re kicking off a brand-new chapter of life overall, and with lucky Jupiter on your side, you are a magnet for abundance.

This new year may also usher in themes surrounding your career, public persona, and sense of authority, as the year will begin with Venus retrograde in Capricorn and your 10th house of reputation. In other words, think about what you want your legacy to reflect. Are your goals aligned with your divine mission? Venus is a symbol of relationships, finances, and values, so chances are, you’re giving this a lot of thought. On Feb. 12, your red-hot planetary ruler, Mars, will join Venus and Pluto in Capricorn for the first time in two years. Fortunately for you, this transit will energise and revitalise your career sector, bestowing you with the grit, passion, and tenacity to achieve your goals.

Fast-forward to mid-March 2022, when the sun makes its debut in your sign, and you embark on another journey around the sun. You always thrive during your birthday season, and there will also be a gorgeous new moon in your sign on April 1, so be sure to set your intentions for the months ahead. Shortly after, a solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30 will shake up your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances, and value systems, followed by a lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 16. These events are likely to bring forth new beginnings when it comes to your self-worth and commitments.

Taurus (April 20-May 20) 2022 Horoscope: You’re Experiencing Changes That Challenge and Empower You

If you thought 2021 was chaos, you’re in for a well-deserved pick-me-up, Taurus. This year, of course, will require you to continue stepping outside of your comfort zone, but remember, slow and steady wins the race. If there are things making you feel uncertain at the beginning of the year, like your professional progress or financial standing, don’t despair. By then, your planetary ruler, Venus, will be well into its retrograde journey in Capricorn via your expansive ninth house of faith and personal philosophy. Sitting alongside transformative Pluto – celestial ruler of your committed seventh house of partnerships – Venus retrograde is an opportunity for you to revisit themes surrounding the foundation of your one-on-one partnerships, as well as exploring your options as an entrepreneur. Either way, you’re more than likely reflecting on your decision-making processes and general belief systems during the first half of 2022.

Uranus will also station direct in your sign on Jan. 18, which, in turn, validates your individual truth and freedom and highlights your personal revamp. In other words, you’ve come a long way, so take a beat to pat yourself on the back. Jupiter – celestial ruler of your eighth house of joint collaborations and soulmate connections – will also be transiting through Pisces and your 11th house of community for a good chunk of 2022, creating fertile ground for serendipitous opportunities to materialise, whether you’re smitten in love or exploring your options.

For those of you looking for your special someone, or perhaps contemplating whether to seal the deal with a significant other, the series of eclipses happening in your sign and across the way in Scorpio, via your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and marriage, will push you toward an answer. At the same time, whether it be personally or professionally speaking (or both), the North Node’s shift into your sign on Jan. 18 will encourage you to make yourself a priority. Later, on April 5, your planetary ruler, Venus, enters its sign of exaltation, Pisces. Venus feels very comfortable here, and you will, too.

Then, lucky Jupiter, hovering over your 11th house of community, will join forces with boundless Neptune on April 30, before colliding with Venus. This astrological synergy during the spring will be nothing short of surreal, blending your highest hopes and ethereal fantasies with your current reality. There may even be a beautiful union ahead as you come in contact with like-minded individuals who share similar hopes and dreams and lift you up. Come mid-May, Venus will return to your sign, just in time for your birthday, and there’s no place Venus would rather be. You’re feeling good, looking good, and smelling good, and you’ll be basking in this solid energy for a while.

Gemini (May 21-June 21) 2022 Horoscope: You’re Putting in the Work to Live Your Very Best Life

Overall, Gemini, you’re reconnecting with the parts of yourself you neglected once upon a time, and something about 2022 feels just right to you. Lucky Jupiter – celestial ruler of your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and partnerships – starts 2022 back in its sign of rulership, Pisces, and your ambitious 10th house of career and reputation. This could reintroduce some themes and feelings you experienced in spring 2021, when Jupiter also appeared in Pisces. Also known as the Greater Benefic, Jupiter’s essence has everything to do with abundance, blessings, faith, and optimism, so this transit likely means good news for your professional life.

There’s a catch: Venus will be retrograde in Capricorn and your intimate eighth house of mergers, joint ventures, and soulmate connections until Jan. 29. This area of your chart has everything to do with intimate collaborations and connection to other people’s money, meaning: take a closer look at your personal and professional investments, because the transformation you’ve experienced individually may have changed who and what you really value. After all, your planetary ruler, Mercury, will retrograde in Aquarius on Jan. 14 and eventually join Venus and Pluto when it enters Capricorn for a second time. Your belief systems are transforming, but with messenger Mercury in the mix, you should receive more clarity moving forward.

After going direct on Feb. 3, Mercury will re-enter Aquarius and your ninth house of faith, higher learning, and entrepreneurial ventures on Valentine’s Day. Both Mars and Venus will join Mercury in Aquarius on March 6, which may increase the chances of you finding love with someone you might not expect. Shortly after, on March 21, savvy Mercury will join forces with Jupiter in Pisces via your ambition-focused 10th house. This is a good time to say your manifestations out loud or write a letter to the universe listing your hopes, wishes, and dreams; anything is possible with the right mindset.

Lucky Jupiter will then make a cameo in Aries – via your 11th house of community and society – on May 10, and you’re making connections and redefining your sense of belonging in the world during this time. Last but certainly not least, a solar eclipse in Taurus will touch down in your karmic 12th house of forgiveness on April 30, followed by a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio via your sixth house of health and daily rituals on Nov. 8. These eclipses will prompt you to ask yourself: what do I need to release for the sake of my peace of mind?

Cancer (June 22-July 22) 2022 Horoscope: You’re Finding the Courage to Prioritise Your Bliss

Here’s to a magical 2022, Cancer. The year begins with lucky Jupiter swimming through your sister sign Pisces via your spontaneous ninth house of higher learning, belief systems, and unknown territory. This flows marvelously with your water energy. Although, in addition to these newfound feelings of hope, harmony-seeking Venus will be retrograde alongside Pluto in Capricorn via your committed seventh house of significant others. What have you discovered about your one-on-one connections or the foundation of your relationship traditions? And do the things you’ve discovered contribute to the overall health of your relationships? This retrograde may require you to be more vulnerable with yourself and a significant other.

The timing of this is no coincidence, as the moon will reach its peak fullness in your sign on Jan. 17. You only get one full moon per year, and you’re ruled by the moon, so this one’s especially potent. This chain of astrological events will lead you toward a highly anticipated full-circle moment in your life, with regard to your personal and professional progress toward your goals. Shortly after, upon the sun’s shift into Aquarius on Jan. 20, Mars will join Venus and Pluto in your relationship sector. Work with this transformative, forceful energy in your seventh house of partnerships, as it will simultaneously support your personal and professional growth.

At the beginning of spring on March 21, curious Mercury joins lucky Jupiter in Pisces via your adventurous ninth house. This is a great time to make a wish and write down your intentions, as this mystical synergy will fill you with inspiration for the bright plans ahead of you. Two days later, on March 23, Mercury will collide with dreamy Neptune, presenting you with a new pair of rose-colored glasses for your creative visions. Your intuition runs high during this time, so be mindful of the messages you receive in your dreams and in meditation. You’ll have a renewed sense of direction, both personally and professionally, just in time for a career-driven new moon in Aries on April 1 that’ll lay the framework for new beginnings.

Just days before Venus begins to dazzle your career sector, there will be a solar eclipse via Venus’s sign of rulership, Taurus, and your 11th house of associations, community, and sense of belonging in the world. The best part? Venus will be sitting alongside lucky Jupiter in Pisces, adding a fortuitous energy to the mix. New friendships, collaborations, and exciting opportunities are almost inevitable, but pay attention, because there’s also a divine lesson in this journey. Last but not certainly least, a lunar eclipse in Taurus on Nov. 8 will close out the year and bring clarity to themes surrounding what you feel is your true divine mission on the planet.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) 2022 Horoscope: You’re Solidifying Connections in Your Personal and Professional Life

There’s no better feeling than a new beginning, Leo. Things are about to take a well-deserved turn for the better for you, so it’s important to keep the faith as you begin anew. This new year starts strong with bountiful Jupiter – celestial ruler of your romantic fifth house of passion and pleasure – transiting through Pisces and your eighth house of joint collaborations and other people’s money. You might want to think back to May and June 2021, which provided you with a glimpse of what’s in store this upcoming year, especially regarding your hopes, dreams, and spirituality. It’s important to note that Venus – symbolic of love, relationships, pleasure, and value systems – will begin 2022 retrograde in Capricorn and your responsible sixth house of health, employment, daily rituals, and due diligence. What changes have you experienced when it comes to your health, day-to-day lifestyle, and professional life? You’ll likely find your routine habits are shifting for the better.

On Jan. 14, Mercury will station retrograde in Aquarius, and it will simultaneously square off with chaotic Uranus in your 10th house of career. It’s crucial to be mindful of your conversations and choice of words during this period, especially with your superiors. On Feb. 16, however, you’re greeted with a magical full moon, which often signals completion and celebration, in your sign. At this time, Mars will be sitting together with Venus in Capricorn and in harmony with Uranus in your career sector, setting an energising tone for both your personal and professional life.

Looking to the beginning of spring in mid-March, Mercury will join lucky Jupiter in Pisces via your collaborative eighth house of mergers and shared resources. Keep in mind, Mercury is in its sign of detriment when in Pisces, so it’s important to use your discernment, especially when navigating things like clear communication or problem-solving. Having said that, you may need to set some crucial boundaries surrounding your personal space – only you get to decide whom you allow into your world, so make sure they’re trustworthy.

Fortunately, Venus’s shift into Pisces, where it exalts and thrives, brings abundance, pleasure, and sensuality to your eighth house themes of equal give and take. Jupiter will also be conjunct Neptune at this point, adding a layer of optimism, celebration, and surrealism to the mix. A solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30 then ushers in positive change for the next six months, followed by an exhilarating Mars-Jupiter conjunction on May 29, which will catapult you forward in a big way. Thinking about starting a business? With your money-making abilities highlighted, the timing could very well be right.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) 2022 Horoscope: You’re Reaching For the Stars and Expanding Your Horizons

Virgo, you’re in for a lucky 2022. Bountiful Jupiter is transiting through Pisces and your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others for the majority of the year. Optimistic and swirling with opportunity, Jupiter will always come bearing gifts, so this is a sign to open your heart to the infinite possibilities and reap the fruits of your hard labor.

January’s Venus retrograde in Capricorn – via your romantic, expressive fifth house – will emphasise some unfinished business, perhaps regarding your love life and creative musings. Keep in mind, your savvy planetary ruler, Mercury, will station retrograde in Aquarius on Jan. 14, highlighting themes of due diligence and health habits, while clashing with erratic Uranus in the process. If your schedule feels out of sorts at this time, don’t despair. Rather, expect the unexpected with Uranus and keep on keeping on.

The good news is, this tricky period will more than likely trigger a spiritual epiphany of sorts when it comes to your routine. After Mars joins Venus in Capricorn on Jan. 24, Venus will station direct on Jan. 29, making your love life a little easier. Meanwhile, with divine counterparts Mars and Venus in Capricorn – dancing in your fifth house of love – your desires for affection will be crystal clear. In fact, some of you may even change things up a bit and do things your way for once. On Feb. 18, when the sun joins Jupiter in Pisces – revitalising your relationship sector – some of you may even partner with creative professionals who share similar aspirations.

Mercury joining lucky Jupiter in Pisces at the start of spring 2022 also brings forth the opportunity to communicate and collaborate, so expect your one-on-one connections to thrive. Days later, Mercury joins Neptune in your relationship sector, meaning to get what you want, it’s important to be clear with your intentions, as opposed to romanticising the best-case scenario. On April 30, a magical solar eclipse in Taurus graces you with a series of significant revelations and possible breakthroughs over the next six months. These are lessons and experiences you will be taking with you on your new journey toward self-discovery, which will make your solar return in fall one to remember.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) 2022 Horoscope: You’re Healing, Reflecting, and Making the Most of Your Investments

There’s no bigger blessing than doing what you love every single day, Libra, and that theme will be clear for you in 2022. Optimistic Jupiter – the planet of abundance and expansion – will be in its traditional sign of rulership, Pisces, via your responsible sixth house of daily rituals and due diligence for the majority of the year. Keep in mind, Jupiter thrives in Pisces, so don’t be afraid to tackle the tough questions at this time. Are you being properly compensated for your daily work duties? Do you feel mentally, physically, and spiritually up to par? Jupiter will be sure to assist you in making your daily responsibilities work for you.

Your celestial ruler, Venus, will retrograde in Capricorn until Jan. 29, giving you an opportunity to reflect on everything from the relationship you have with your loved ones to the previously set structures of your upbringing, which should help mentally prepare you to take the year by storm. Mars will join Venus in Capricorn on Jan. 24, bringing action, energy, and perhaps even a bit of conflict to this area of your chart. It’s a good idea to make time for the people and activities that make you feel loved and safe.

On a brighter note, on March 6, Venus will meet with Mars in Aquarius via your fifth house of love, passion, and self-expression. This suggest that you will be vibing at a completely different frequency and breaking old family patterns that weren’t serving you – areas on which you’ve worked diligently these past couple of years. In addition to the practicalities of your daily routine, this electric conjunction will inspire you, both creatively and romantically, to express yourself more freely. By the end of March, Mercury will have met with both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, shifting your focus completely to your well-being and daily duties.

If things feel chaotic, don’t fret; your celestial ruler, Venus, will make her debut in enchanting Pisces on April 5. This is creative and serendipitous, especially for those of you in the film or media industry. When was the last time you worked on something you truly loved, Libra? Enjoying your day-to-day should always be a priority. On April 30, there will be a solar eclipse in Taurus, ushering in significant changes with regard to things like shared resources and other people’s money over the following six months. Your relationship with money is transforming, all for the better.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) 2022 Horoscope: You’re Purging Whatever’s Blocking You From Making Magic

The year kicks off with lucky Jupiter transiting through Pisces and your romantic fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and self-expression. Before diving deeper into this mystical transit, however, let’s take a closer look at Venus, as it will already be retrograde – alongside your modern ruler, Pluto – via your chatty third house of communication and thought processes. Venus has everything to do with what you love, value, and indulge in for pleasure, but she also prefers to play by the rules when in structured Capricorn. Either way, for you, this retrograde journey is about revisiting, reflecting, and reassessing everything from the relationship you have with your peers to the way you generally communicate with others. Although, it could also have something to do with delegation, time management, and your means of transportation.

Moreover, after Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius on Jan. 14, it clashes with erratic Uranus in your relationship sector. Miscommunication is likely during this time, especially with a family member or significant other. Knowing this, it’s best to go with the flow and try not to rock the boat. Fast-forward to February, when your ancient ruler Mars meets with harmony-seeking Venus, via your third house of communication. This meeting will wrap up a significant chapter in this area of your life, especially when it comes to your professional investments. Even more, a brilliant full moon in Leo will ignite your 10th house of ambition on Feb. 16, bringing some aspect of your career full circle.

Once March rolls around, the sun will already be swimming through Pisces alongside Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune, and your mind will be on love and self-expression. What inspires you the most? Falling in love is almost inevitable, but don’t forget to shower yourself with that lovely energy,. On April 5, Jupiter will conjunct dreamy Neptune in Pisces, with Venus joining in on the fun. It doesn’t get more magical than this energy, TBH, and you’ll reap the benefits creatively and romantically.

Last but certainly not least, for 2022, the North Node (where we’re collectively headed) will enter Taurus for and your relationship sector, while the South Node (what we’re collectively releasing) occupies your sign. There’s a lot of energy you’re being called to release this year, Scorpio, and you feel this more heavily during the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series this year, emphasizing both your sense of self and your one-on-one relationships. When cathartic releases occur in these areas, it may seem unsettling, but rest assured it’s all for your highest good.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) 2022 Horoscope: You’re Prioritising Your Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Well-Being

A positive new chapter awaits you, Sagittarius. The year kicks off with your bountiful planetary ruler, Jupiter, in Pisces, activating your emotional fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings. To better understand what this means, revisit the themes of your life in May and June 2021, as Jupiter made its first ingress into Pisces at that time. In addition to being your celestial ruler, Jupiter – a symbol of abundance, expansion, and hope – also happens to be Pisces’s traditional ruler. Good ol’ Jupiter thrives when transiting through this area of your chart, which means everything from your concept of self to your connection with spirit will benefit from this energy. Essentially, you are being given an opportunity to go within and heal some deep wounds. Some of you may even decide to expand your family unit or living space.

At the start of 2022, Venus will already be retrograding through Capricorn and your stability-seeking second house of money and possessions, transforming your perception of the material world. Sitting together with powerhouse Pluto, this retrograde is a lot more serious for you than you think. Your financial point of view, along with everything you consider valuable, is experiencing a major shift.

After a buzzing retrograde through your communication sector, Mercury – celestial ruler of your seventh house of significant others – will station direct over Pluto in Capricorn on Feb. 4. This will bring you necessary insight when it comes to your finances and perhaps mutual investments with a significant other. Mars – celestial ruler of your passionate fifth house – will also be sizzling through this area of your chart, highlighting the energy, money, and time you’ve been spending as of late.

On April 5, Venus joins Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces and your fourth house of home. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to redecorate or revamp your space, the time is now. You may also decide to create creative content, film from home, or reconnect with loved ones. Later, during the April 30 solar eclipse in Venus-ruled Taurus, Venus will conjunct your cosmic ruler, Jupiter, in Pisces – a glorious time to make a wish. Your lifestyle and living situation are transforming for the better, but not without challenging you to release what’s no longer serving you.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) 2022 Horoscope: You’re Finding Your Voice and Looking Toward the Horizon

Pat yourself on the back, Capricorn. You’ve come so far since Pluto first entered your sign back in 2007, but there’s still more for you to learn. Hang tight, because 2022 kicks off with bountiful Jupiter in dreamy Pisces, positively lighting up your curious third house of communication for the majority of the year. This area of your chart also represents your peers, siblings, close relatives, and local community. You may find that Jupiter’s lucky influence presents you with the opportunity to masterfully communicate, negotiate, and hone a certain skill.

Of course, you can’t disregard Venus retrograde occurring in your sign from Dec. 19, 2021, to Jan. 29, 2022. Venus is the planet of charm, pleasure, and sensuality, but your sign to stick to the protocol. Keep in mind, the planet of aesthetics, beauty, and relationships will be retrograding through your first house of self, identity, and first impressions. You’ll feel called to slow down and reassess everything from your self-concept to your personal brand, and something you’ve been working on since 2014 is finally coming full circle.

On Jan. 14, Mercury will station retrograde in Aquarius. This is important to keep in mind, especially when it comes to your expenses and financial investments, as you are prone to experiencing some minor setbacks in these areas during this period. By Jan. 25, Mercury retrograde will enter your sign, joining Venus before she stations direct. Take advantage of this celestial interlude to reflect and re-examine yourself and your goals, because when Venus stations direct on Jan. 29, significant changes relating to your sense of self are afoot.

The good news is, Mars – planet of action, desire, and energy – will also be in your sign, revitalizing and supercharging you with confidence and strength. Mars will eventually conjunct Venus in your sign on Feb. 12, energizing your mind, body, and spirit even more. This also brings emphasis to your natural charisma and the abundance of energy at your disposal to catapult you toward your goals. Considering you have strict, diligent Saturn transiting through your second house of possessions and money-making abilities for the rest of the year, you know where your energy is going: right to the bank.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) 2022 Horoscope: You’re Crystalizing Your Visions of the Future

It’s about time you start believing in yourself, Aquarius. Luckily for you, the year kicks off with blessed Jupiter happily transiting through Pisces, its traditional sign of rulership. Hovering over your stability-seeking second house of comfort and money, and value systems, this transit is likely to bestow a series of delightful opportunities upon you, some of which will benefit your financial stability.

Keep in mind, Venus will be retrograde alongside Pluto in Capricorn – via your 12th house of closure, the unconscious mind, and all things behind the scenes – at the start of 2022, setting the tone for the remainder of your year. In this house, Venus retrograde will highlight everything from your coping mechanisms to your tendency to self-sabotage, but don’t panic. In fact, take a moment to reflect on the beginning of 2014, the last time Venus was retrograde in Capricorn, as doing so could offer you insight on what’s to come. Whether personal or professional, your traditions and values are shifting.

Savvy Mercury – celestial ruler of your fifth house of love and your eighth house of mergers and joint ventures – will station retrograde in your sign on Jan. 14 and eventually re-enter your 12th house. Are you prioritising what you’re passionate about and working with others who nourish that energy? Pay attention to what themes come up for review during this time, especially with this year’s new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 1, an event during which you’ll want to be clear with your intentions.

A sparkling full moon in Leo on Feb. 16 brings closure and clarity to your seventh house of partnerships, so a significant relationship could be coming full circle. The North Node, or where we’re collectively headed, will already be transiting through your domestic fourth house of home, family matters, and innermost feelings, while the South Node, or what we’re collectively releasing, occupies your 10th house of career and public persona. Those themes will surface during this year’s eclipses – April, May, October, and November 2022 – showing you what needs to be purged in your professional life or from your beliefs surrounding authority so you can fully step into your most authentic, loving self.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) 2022 Horoscope: You’re Being Blessed With a Magical Year to Remember

It’s your lucky year, Pisces. In addition to being the celestial favorite for the majority of 2022, you will also have your ancient planetary ruler, Jupiter, back in your sign for the first time in more than a decade. As the planet of abundance, blessings, expansion, and spirituality, Jupiter thrives in your sign, because it is your traditional ruling planet. But that’s not even the best part. Jupiter will hover over your first house of self, touching everything from your personal identity to your self-confidence. A series of inspiring opportunities, both personal and professional, will be presented to you during this time.

Until Jan. 29, Venus will be retrograde in Capricorn via your 11th house of associations, community, and sense of belonging in the world. In Capricorn, Venus retrograde is bringing greater awareness to your professional values, interactions with your community, and social standing. Venus also governs your eighth house of shared resources and your third house of communication and immediate surroundings, and during this retrograde, you may find past emotions and feelings relating to this areas coming back again for reflection. This new sense of awareness will set the tone for the first half of 2022.

Alongside larger-than-life Jupiter, the sun enters your sign on Feb. 18, significantly energising you luck and optimism. On March 2, there will be a new moon in your sign, where the sun, moon, and lucky Jupiter meet. This is an excellent time to recharge your energy by swimming or doing yoga, as you’ll likely have a burst of enthusiasm in the process. After chatty Mercury enters your sign on March 9, a full moon in Virgo will bring some much-needed clarity to your relationship sector on March 18, closing the book on some important love lessons.

In April, harmony-seeking Venus joins your rulers Jupiter and Neptune in your sign, with the latter two adding a serendipitous layer of hope to your life, as well as some confusion. Basically, it’ll be easy to indulge in your fantasies, but try to steer away from over-romanticising your ideal scenario. In fact, this is a powerful time for you to quietly tap into your spirituality, which will offer you more clarity and peace of mind. More importantly, this year’s Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series will shed light on beneficial ways for you to communicate and the belief systems that aren’t resonating with you anymore. Look out for the first eclipse of 2022 on April 30. Do you believe in magic? To say you’re about to get lucky would be an understatement.

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