This New-Moon Baño Ritual Will Help You Level Up in Sex and Money

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Scorpio season has officially begun, and you may already be feeling the waves of change. But it’s about to get deeper. The new moon in Scorpio peaks on Nov. 5. This water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto, paired with the new moon, opens a portal to set intentions and wishes for anything from self-mastery and empowerment to sex and soul mates.

Scorpio is characterised by transformation, so don’t think small when you set sail on your wants and desires under this new moon.

Because Scorpio rules transcendence, you could wish to eliminate old baggage or to restore a relationship with another or maybe even yourself. You may desire to elevate your sex life with a specific partner or partners, so wishing for more passion in that area of your life is aligned with the new moon in Scorpio as well. Understanding your worth and value in financial partnerships, and getting what you truly deserve, is also something to wish for during your new moon in Scorpio ritual.

But pay attention to your own energy during this new moon because the Scorpio fire is real with Mars ruling the eighth zodiac sign, providing that energetic burst of action that can be used to manifest your wishes. Still, Scorpio rules the misuse of power, so don’t go overboard and veer off the path of elevation to lower emotional frequencies like jealousy or revenge. In fact, if you already feel an imbalance in the use of power in your life, you can wish to have these lower vibes lifted from you, like guilt, and harsh judgments of yourself or others.

Pluto ruling Scorpio symbolises death and rebirth, so do an inventory on yourself to see how you can use this new moon’s energy to crack open your cocoon and emerge as a beautiful butterfly.

One way to bring that metaphor into your life is by creating a sensual, soothing, transformative self-care session in the way of a new-moon baño. So, on Nov. 4, have your new-moon ritual essentials ready and get all up in your feelings and emotions.

Here’s a checklist you could refer to in preparing your new-moon baño:

New Moon in Scorpio Baño Ritual Recipe

What You Need:

Salts: While new-moon baños can include a variety of salts, for the new moon in Scorpio baño, let’s bring it back to basics and utilise just two cups of unscented Epsom salt. This will allow for all the other ingredients to really shine.

Herbs: A personal favorite is raspberry leaf, as Scorpio rules the sexual organs and this beautiful herb helps to balance hormones and regulate the menstrual cycle, and it’s even been deemed beneficial during pregnancy and childbirth (but make sure to check with your doctor or a medical professional first). It can be consumed as tea to accompany your baño or you can put it directly into the warm bath water and soak in it. Other herbs to consider are ginger, pennyroyal, basil, and coriander, but you won’t be cooking with these. That’s right, you can put these herbs – preferably fresh – in your warm bath water and call in their medicine to work with the new-moon energy.

Essential oils: If you’re into adding essential oils to your baño, consider lavender, which is extremely calming and could help level some of that fiery Scorpio energy. Frankincense and patchouli are great too because they both help with grounding and feeling divinely connected to Mother Earth.

Flowers: Orchids are a must for a new moon in Scorpio baño, whether you sprinkle the petals over the water before you submerge or you set a beautiful orchid plant in your bathroom or another highly visible place in your home. If you’re not into orchids, consider the popular rose or maybe a pretty peony. All these beauties are associated with Scorpio and could be incorporated into your new-moon baño.

Crystals: A gemstone that would be great to work with during this new moon is citrine, especially if you’re gaining the confidence you need to negotiate the financial wins you deserve. Citrine can help attract good outcomes around money and wealth. If you’re looking to eliminate old baggage, whether internally or externally, think about working with amethyst. You could place your gemstones of choice around your bathtub and/or you could set them on your nightstand to draw in their energy as you sleep, which, by the way, is an excellent way to conclude your new-moon baño.

Prepare, set your intentions, indulge in the pleasure of self-love, and trust that the universe is receiving your requests. After all, we can create the life we’ve always dreamed of when we live authentically and fully embrace the journey.

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