This New Moon in Libra Baño Ritual Invites More Balance and Harmony

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Are you in need of more balance and harmony in your life? I mean, who isn’t? Well, I’ve got the perfect new moon to manifest your wishes upon! The new moon in Libra peaks on Oct. 6 at 6:06 a.m. ET, and with it comes the energy to invite more order, justice, peace, and tranquility into your life. After all, Libra is the zodiac sign represented by the scales, indicating the need for balance in all things.

Since Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, balance and harmony in the areas of love, beauty, and money are of particular importance.

In matters of the heart, use this new moon’s energy to set your intentions and speak out into the universe all the things you want to manifest around love. Don’t be shy! Get down to it and wish for that partner who will be the one you marry.

If marriage isn’t in the cards for you, the new moon in Libra is also great for wishes around partnerships of any kind, as well as negotiation and equality. Libra rules teamwork, so set your intentions around strengthening collaborations that already exist or manifesting new ones that will produce positive results.

Under the new moon in Libra, you can pamper yourself. Create a space for your new-moon ritual that screams luxury, elegance, and good taste. Gracefully treat yourself like the royalty you are. If you have trouble indulging in self-love, use the energy of the new moon in Libra to call in more receptivity of being honoured, loved, and appreciated by others, which begins with unconditionally loving yourself first.

New Moon in Libra Baño

Draw a warm bath filled with nourishing salts like Epsom salt, sea salt, or pink Himalayan salt, delicious essential oils like rose oil – the rose is the flower of Venus, and a symbol of love and beauty – as well as geranium, the herb associated with Venus, and/or chamomile oil, which is associated with peace and balance. Adorn your luscious bath, which smells good enough to eat, with fresh or dried rose petals that are not only intoxicating to the senses but also great for glowing skin. Libra governs the skin, so, for this new moon especially, really love on yourself.

After soaking for 20 to 40 minutes, slowly exit your bath and watch as the things you needed to shed slip down the drain, leaving you with new space to invite your manifestations. If you can air-dry, that would be best. Otherwise, pat-dry gently with a light-colored towel. Get into the Libra energy by massaging body oil or your favorite body butter all over your body. Be grateful for your skin, the largest organ in the human body. If you have stretch marks, embrace them as the roadmap of your life. Love on all your imperfections, because those are the things that make you perfectly you.

If you want to add a gemstone or two to your new-moon baño ritual, think about opting for ametrine, one of the best stones for balance. Black tourmaline is also a great one to use with this new moon since it brings peace and protection.

If you need an added energetic touch to bring more harmony into your relationships, grab a blue tiger’s eye. You could use these gemstones and crystals as decorative pieces when setting up your luxurious new-moon ritual space, or you could place them by your nightstand after your baño and activate them by simply giving thanks to offer an energetic exchange.

If you’re undecided about what you want to do for this new moon in Libra, remember that this air sign is infamous for being indecisive. Breathe, let go, and release. This new moon’s energy can help ease your mind and get you back to focusing on the balance and peace within.

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