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3 Resources For Relationship Stress

Proud partner, Commonwealth Bank. Always consider your personal circumstances before acting on financial advice.

Knowing where to seek help if your relationship takes a turn for the worst can be difficult. Although friends and family may be supportive, the advice and guidance they provide may not suffice in more serious circumstances.

COVID-19's impacts have undeniably reverberated on our interpersonal relationships — it's completely normal to be experiencing intensified levels of stress right now.

However, there are clear boundaries between stress-induced behaviour and what could potentially lead to the compromise of your safety, or the safety of someone you know. It's a chilling statistic, but unfortunately in times of crisis, it's likely that instances of domestic abuse can rise anywhere between 30-70%.

If you're concerned about your partner's actions or have growing worries around your safety, here are 3 services that'll provide practical advice as to how to maintain your wellbeing, and delve further into issues before they become sinister.

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