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Adele "Hello" Mum Parody

This "Hello" Parody Video Is a Sepia-Toned Display of Mum-Life Realness

By now you should immediately be able to sense an Adele parody coming on when you spot a (now iconic) sepia-toned video pop up on your Facebook feed. Singer/songwriter Emily Mills's "Hello From the MotherSide" parody is no exception to the sepia rule, but it's definitely standing out to us among the rest due to its comical relatability (and her killer voice).

From her own personal mama woes ("I must've tried a thousand times to tell her this homework is really breaking my heart") to her understanding that her mum friends are down in the trenches with her ("Mama, how you been? I can tell you've been stress-eating from the Cheetos on your hands"), Emily has created a parody that will for sure resonate with every mother out there.

If you're on the MotherSide as well and "think you might break down and cry" basically all the time, watch the video and prepare to feel truly understood.

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