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Audible Marriage Equality Series Listen to Love

Audible Highlights the Only Real Marriage Equality Debate

Audible has partnered with The Equality Campaign to launch an original (and free to download) series about equal love, called Listen to Love. Hosted by Tom Ballard and featuring the likes of Osher Günsberg and comedian Joel Creasey, the six-part series explores tales of same-sex love and marriage equality.

Because the only thing left to discus about marriage equality is who loves it more. "I wanted to be part of this series with because I think it's important to keep the conversations going around marriage equality — we can't forget it or dismiss it," said Tom Ballard. "It's vital that straight, cisgender people hear these stories and understand just how much marriage equality and discrimination in the Marriage Act at the moment affects people with real stories."

To accompany the release of the series, Audible teamed up with Joel Creasey and Rhys Nicholson to create a hilarious skit, about the real marriage equality debate, which is, of course, who loves it more.

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