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Barbie as Millennial Mum Instagram Feed

Instagram Turned Barbie Into a Millennial Mum — and the Posts Are Spot-On

Instagram Turned Barbie Into a Millennial Mum — and the Posts Are Spot-On

If you're a mum with an Instagram feed, there's a good chance you've posted the obligatory share-worthy snaps of your family. There's the classic baby-bump selfies, the chaotic-yet-expertly-coordinated family photos, and the aerial shots of your morning coffee. And of course who can forget the token "shirtless dad holding naked baby on chest" photo?

It makes sense then that Barbie's feed is no different. That's right: the famed Mattel toy is a married mum with two kids, and, aside from some rubbery joints, her Instagram feed shows her living out her days just like the rest of us, or at least like the real-life mummy bloggers we follow.

This hipster Barbie mum goes by Tiff, and her @tiff_thebarbie account, which has a whopping 12,000 devoted fans, features copious #mumlife (or #momlife) hashtags and Pinterest-worthy pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, and birth photos.

Scroll through for this doll's social media highlights, and don't feel bad if you steal a few ideas for your own feed.

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