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Dating a Libra

11 Signs You're Dating a Libra

I was born on Sweetest Day in 1994 . . . though I was supposed to make my entrance on Oct. 31 (guess I was too sweet for a Halloween birthday). Arriving in the world on Oct. 15 landed me squarely within the Libra spectrum, and while I find I identify with some of the Scorpio traits (my intended zodiac), it's impossible to deny all the Libra qualities I possess. Here are 11 signs you're dating a genuine, through-and-through Libra soul — there's no mistaking us!

1. She can't decide on ANYTHING.

First and foremost, Libras are terrible decision-makers. I will spend two or three hours trying to find a restaurant to dine at (should be simple, right? Wrong!). "This place looks good," I'll say, pointing to a little hole-in-the-wall burger joint. "But so does this place across the street! Or THIS place over here!" Needless to say, it drives my (very patient) boyfriend nuts.

2. She loves the outdoors.

We Libras are sort of obsessed with running around outside (see above scenario). Take me to a lush forest, a soft meadow, or a sparkling lake and I'm set for the day. A Libra's appreciation for nature is infinite, so she'll want to go on a lot of hikes.

3. She works to stand out.

I am NOT a fan of conformity, and neither are my fellow Libras. The expression "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" is literally true for us. Whether we're unconventional in work, life, relationships, or hobbies, we're sticking out like a sore thumb somehow (in a good way!).

4. She's easily upset by social injustice.

I get so, so pissed when something bad happens that maybe — or even probably — could have been prevented by political actions (what's up, gun control laws?). Libras are easily troubled by, well, the world's troubles. Don't be surprised if she sheds an angry tear or two from time to time.

5. She shares everything.

Her food, her clothes, her hair products, her face wash, her life. Libras looooove to share — we'll practically shove our stuff in your face!

6. She's not too good at confrontation.

I am SO not a fan of confrontation. My voice gets shaky, my palms break out in a cold sweat, I get a nervous twitch . . . seriously, I'm better off just privately ranting in my journal, or sending it all over text message (I know — it's bad). Avoiding confrontation is a common weakness among Libras. Hey, we can't be perfect!

7. She dislikes loudmouths.

That belligerent guy at the bar who's shouting swear words for attention? Yeah, that guy will annoy a Libra to NO end. Just get her out of there — take her to a nice dinner instead.

8. She's a true bookworm.

Libras are easily inspired by good books, so you'll often find her curled up in a cozy corner, latest novel in hand. She'll become attached to the characters faster than you can say, "What page are you on?"

9. She enjoys a good argument.

Rev her up a little, and she'll happily jump head first into a heated cultural debate. Watch out, because chances are she'll win with barely a whimper on your end.

10. She overthinks things.

First I think about something. Then I overthink about said thing. And finally, I full-blown obsess over it. Obsession with detail can be positive (her hand-crafted Valentine's Day gift will be FLAWLESS!), but it's also a downfall, because let's face it . . . it's irritating for those on the butt end of it.

11. She's optimistic.

Last but not least, Libras are hopeful to a T. We're always calculating the benefits and looking forward to the future. We get through hard times a little easier than the rest, and we offer cheer and confidence to those who are struggling. Your Libra will never let you stay sad for more than five minutes. And isn't that wonderful?

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sisilia Piring
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