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Disney Princesses Speak Less Than Men

Apparently Disney Princesses Speak Less Than Princes in Movies About . . . Disney Princesses

Disney princesses are the envy of young (and grown) women around the world. They radiate beauty, strength, and confidence while pursuing their happily ever afters. But this new study has revealed that it's not princesses who have the last word in many Disney movies, but rather their male counterparts — the princes.

The Washington Post reports that researchers have discovered that all of the Disney princess movies from 1989-1999 are surprisingly male-dominated. Men speak 68 percent of the time in The Little Mermaid, 71 percent of the time in Beauty and the Beast, 90 percent of the time in Aladdin, 76 percent of the time in Pocahontas, and 77 percent of the time in Mulan.

And in even more disappointing news, the research also showed that despite being a story about two princesses, men claim 59 percent of the lines in Frozen, which was recently released in 2013. WHAT. Luckily, movies like Brave and Tangled have broken the mould, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that Disney will listen up, and that history doesn't continue to repeat itself. Because Disney princesses are badasses, with or without their men.

Image Source: Everett Collection
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