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Engaged, Expecting, and Emily Family Christmas Card

This Hilarious Christmas Card Captures the Feeling of Being THAT Sibling

Ah, the holidays — it's that time of year when refrigerators are plastered with adorable family greeting cards, often announcing some exciting new life event for the family who sent it. Between weddings, pregnancies, and even pet adoptions, there are plenty of opportunities to break big news via holiday snail mail . . . which means serious pressure for anybody who doesn't have a groundbreaking development to share. So when Twitter user Emily Seawright shared a photo of herself in this exact predicament in her family's festive Christmas card, thousands of people related to her position as just "Emily."

Standing beside her siblings and parents — who held signs declaring their respective statuses as "Expecting," "Engaged," and "Excited" — Seawright held up her own hilarious sign, which simply reads "Emily." Cue an onslaught of replies from siblings in the same boat declaring "we are all Emily."

Of course, there's nothing wrong with just being yourself during the holiday season. But anybody who's ever had to answer "Are you seeing anyone?" or "So when are you settling down?" over Christmas dinner will understand the feeling! We've all been Emily at one point or another, and it's about time to be proud of it.

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