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Good ENFP Personality Traits

10 Reasons Why You Need an ENFP Friend in Your Life

Of all the Myers-Briggs personalities, ENFP constitutes 7 percent of the population — and with how big their personalities are, 7 percent is more than enough! Spending time with your favourite ENFP is sure to enliven any mood. With a vibrant and enthusiastic aura that is infectious to those who surround them, they go out of their way to make everyone feel special and loved. Not only are they the first to hop on the dance floor and get the party started, they'll also stay up with you till dawn while you share your most vulnerable feelings.

With famous ENFP personalities such as Robin Williams, Drew Barrymore, Russell Brand, and even Julie Andrews, there's no doubt having an ENFP in your life is worthwhile. Here are 10 reasons why ENFP's make the greatest friends.

1. They're full of empathy. ENFP's are constantly searching for greater meaning in the universe, and their friendships are no exception. This curiosity allows them to find beauty in everyone. Viewing each of their friends as irreplaceable and essential to their lives, they will seek to understand them from the inside out. Since they care so much about everyone's inner world, they can't help but be compassionate to others.

2. They'll support you until the end. An ENFP best friend likely knows the depth of your strength better than you do. Therefore, they'll become your biggest fan! They want you to reach your fullest potential, to achieve your wildest dreams, to see every challenge through. Even when everything feels totally hopeless, an ENFP will make sure you remember what a badass you really are.

3. They're sentimental. This personality type makes everything significant. They'll use the wristbands from the first music festival you attended together in a DIY project. They'll decorate your bedroom with photos of pugs when you're going through a hard time. They'll throw you a Lizzie McGuire-themed surprise party because they actually remember that you always wanted one as a kid. An ENFP never allows life to feel ordinary and uses grand gestures to make sure of it!

4. Their generosity knows no bounds. Selfless by nature, ENFP's enjoy giving far more than receiving. The act of helping others in any way they can makes their world go round. Expecting nothing in return, they'll gladly go above and beyond to make someone's day better, whether that's by giving them a pep talk, spending extra bucks to get them a beautiful Christmas gift, or even just letting them have the bigger half of the cookie they're about to share.

5. They'll take you on the best adventures. Boredom definitely doesn't mix well with an ENFP and being close to one will charge your life with endless excitement. On a night you're all dressed up with nowhere to go, hit up your favourite ENFP. Even if there are no parties or events to attend, they'll always come up with something magical to do instead.

6. They know how to chill out. They might be known for their wild and adventurous side, but ENFP's want to relax with their loved ones as well. A quiet night in binging a Netflix show with hot cocoa and face masks makes their heart tick. At the end of the day, it's human connection that ENFP's really care about, in whatever form that may take.

7. They have the best conversations. ENFP's have a way with words, and conversations with them will always be stimulating. They have something interesting to say about any topic and express their ideas with vivid clarity. Genuinely caring about everyone's own unique opinion, they won't dominate the conversation either. For an ENFP, conversations are as much about listening as they are about sharing their thoughts.

8. They're open-minded. Abhorring conventional and narrow-minded thinking, ENFP's love getting out of their comfort zone and embracing new things. They're the last people to judge you for whatever you're ashamed of and the first to inspire everyone to be tolerant of something that feels alien or strange. With an ENFP at your side, you'll find your perspective on the world expanding every day.

9. They're always passionate about something. ENFP's want to fill themselves to the brim with romance, beauty, and knowledge. When they love something, they love it with every fibre of their being. They discover a new thing, fall head over heels, learn everything about it, and share it with everyone they know. If life ever starts to feel dull and grey, spending time with an ENFP will shake you out of your slump and remind you just how colourful the world is.

10. They'll make you laugh until your stomach aches. When you feel like being a total goofball and rejecting all things serious in life, an ENFP will be the first to join. Laughing is an ENFP's preferred state of being, and they'll layer the comedy on so thick that tears will be flowing down your cheeks. They're never too embarrassed to act silly in public, nor too uptight to see the humour in things.

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