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One thing that we all have in common as human beings is the fact that when we're deprived of sleep, our mood swings come out to play. We get cranky, eat sugary foods, drink too much caffeine, and don't have the energy to give our best to our jobs, our hobbies, and our relationships.

Perhaps one of the reasons you're lacking sleep isn't because of a noisy environment or your own anxiety: it may be because you're sharing a bed with your significant other. For some, sharing their bed with the person they share their life with may bring about negative sleep habits that start to disrupt their relationship.

Approximately one in four couples sleep in separate beds, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Although it's the minority of couples, they might just be reaping relationship benefits that the rest of people are completely missing out on. Here are four psychological benefits of sleeping in a separate bed.

1. A Better Mood

Chances are you and your spouse have a variety of different sleeping habits. If your partner tosses and turns, snores, goes to sleep at a different hour, or talks in their sleep, their nuances might be affecting your overall mood.

Morgan Statt, a health and safety investigator with, says if you and your spouse have very different sleeping habits, this can make for one of you having a very restless night.

"Poor sleep can lead to irritability in the morning that can often be pushed on your spouse. By sleeping in separate beds, you'll both get a good night's sleep and eliminate any feelings of resentment the next morning."

2. An Increased Libido

Sharing a bed with your spouse may make you feel lazy when it comes to initiating sex, since they are by your side all night, every night. Statt suggests that sleeping in a separate bed may help break your current routine and also increase your libido.

"When you share a bed as spouses, sex can quickly become a routine thing before going to sleep that can cause it to lose its magic. Restless nights that are brought on by discomforts of a shared bed can contribute to a lack of desire for sex in general because you're too tired. Choosing to sleep in separate beds doesn't mean your sex life will suffer, but it can actually benefit because you'll be well-rested."

3. A Better Mental Resilience

You may not even realise how much of your mental health is being shaken up by your sleep pattern. Annie Wright, a licensed marriage and family therapist, says that being well-rested has a massive impact on your mental health resiliency.

"When we are sleep deprived, our susceptibility to stress, anxiety, and depression is greater. Getting a good night of rest is critical to your mental health so if it means needing to sleep apart to do so, that's a wise choice to make."

4. Less of a Desire to Fight

Perhaps all of your relationship fights are centered around lack of sleep of being resentful for not being able to sleep and wake up the way you'd like. Wright says that if you're choosing to sleep apart in order to get better sleep and/or accommodate one another's various preferences, there's a greater chance that you can reduce the amount of relationship conflict you might otherwise experience.

"If there's less conflict and more harmony in your relationship, it's likely that you're going to experience the positive mental health benefits that can come from feeling close and connected to your partner."

Image Source: Burst / Matthew Henry
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