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High School Reunion Advice

Your 21-Step High School Reunion Survival Guide

Spring may be the season of Halloween, but it's also the season of an even scarier event: the high school reunion. It doesn't have to be a dread fest, though. You can make the most of reuniting with your former classmates with some of these tips that came straight from reunion survivors who lived to tell the tale.

  1. Definitely bring a friend or date.
  2. See if you can find out who's going beforehand.
  3. Make plans to see your ACTUAL friends outside of the event, since you'll want quality time with them.
  4. Make sure you've accepted all potential friends on Facebook. "Seriously, this guy I was NOT friends with in high school pulled me aside and was all, 'I can't believe you didn't accept my Facebook request.' It was RIIIDDDICCCC."
  5. Figure out the vibe of the event beforehand. "Like, if it's at a bar, don't bring your kids, but if it's a weekend-long thing like mine, people bring their whole families."
  6. Be prepared for the "so what do you do now?" question, especially if you're unemployed or not in the place where you want to be career-wise. Think of some positives in your life be it a hobby or volunteer work that you'll be excited to talk about when the question comes up.
  7. Use it as an excuse to hang out with your high school BFFs beforehand by getting together for a brunch or dinner. You'll have more fun that night, too, if you're caught up and back in the spirit.
  8. If you are getting together with friends prior to the reunion, it wouldn't hurt to bring your significant other along — that way they feel like they know someone the night of.
  9. Wear your favourite outfit or something you know you'll feel comfortable in. Buying a new outfit is always fun, but keep it in your comfort zone rather than trying to channel a new look or try too hard.
  10. Get ready with your girlfriends ahead of time and have your dates meet you there. That way you can listen to your favourite songs from high school and chat about all the boys you hope will be there.
  11. Remember that people don't really change that much, deep down. If you liked or disliked someone in high school, chances are you will feel the same way now. That said, have an open mind and talk to people you may not have known in high school.
  12. If you're going to hook up with someone, be discreet.
  13. Don't re-judge a book by its cover. Someone may not be as cool or beautiful as she was in high school, but if you liked her then, you probably still will. "I have a friend who, after high school, moved overseas, became a vegan yoga teacher, and came out as lesbian. Even though we didn't share much in common anymore, it was just as fun and easy as before."
  14. If you're both single, go ahead and have a fling with your high school crush. But don't get your hopes up that there is something more there just because you are still hot for each other.
  15. "Get drunk? Don't give a sh*t?"
  16. Don't worry about holding onto old labels or grudges, and just be nice to everyone.
  17. Don't get too wasted around your old teachers if they're there.
  18. Pretend to remember anybody who remembers you.
  19. "Make fun of your ex behind his back because he got fat . . . just me?"
  20. Don't get so drunk that you don't remember it; that's the worst.
  21. Say yes to the after-party and maybe let your plus one go home early. That way you can really get in the "remember-when" mode without anyone feeling too left out.
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Tara Block
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