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How to Reconnect With Your Partner

30 Concrete Ways to Reconnect With Your Significant Other

So it happened: the bubbly excitement of the honeymoon phase wore off, your work life inadvertently became more important than your personal one, and suddenly, you feel like you haven't really spoken to your partner in weeks. While it is normal for relationships to fluctuate through phases of intense passion and consistent comfort, it is still important to connect with your significant other in a meaningful way. Here are 30 ways to make sure your relationship is more Netflix and chill and less Netflix and pass out on the couch five minutes into House of Cards.

  1. Consider the bedroom a dead zone after hours: no phones, laptops, or tablets.
  2. Take a cooking class.
  3. Read a book together.
  4. Discuss and consider each other's sexual fantasies.
  5. Spend a lazy afternoon in bed.
  6. Talk about your favourite memories you've shared . . .
  7. But also the memories you'd like to make in the future.
  8. Flip through each other's yearbooks and share stories from high school.
  9. Plan a trip together. Even if it's a short road trip, the planning can be as bonding and fun as the trip itself.
  10. Start a joint Spotify playlist where you can share what you've been listening to.
  11. Check in with each other during workdays with a quick text, email, or phone call.
  12. This one may seem counter-intuitive, but respect each other's space and alone time. Your partner will appreciate you for respecting their weekly book club meeting or yoga class.
  13. Spend an afternoon volunteering for a charity that's important to you or your partner.
  14. Get creative with your love language: your partner might want something more than the classic "I love you."
  15. Give your significant other a massage — without them asking first.
  16. Skip the bedroom and get intimate in an unexpected location.
  17. Tour an art exhibit in silence and share your favourite pieces at the end. Your partner's picks might surprise you.
  18. Sleep naked.
  19. Discover a new workout together.
  20. Laugh together by going to a comedy show, or even just watching stand-up on Netflix.
  21. Don't just rush into sex: take your time with foreplay.
  22. Get overly dressed up for an inexpensive date at an old-school diner.
  23. Take a long walk together.
  24. Catch a double feature.
  25. Take a dance class.
  26. Leave unexpected notes for each other around the house.
  27. Experiment with sex toys or pleasure-promoting condoms.
  28. Play hooky together — although please do tell your boss you're taking the day off.
  29. Build a cosy blanket fort.
  30. Ask how your significant other is doing . . . and really listen.
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