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Little Things Guys Find Adorable

15 Little Things Guys Find Completely Adorable in Women

We know that independence is one of the things men find irresistibly sexy in a woman, but what they find to be irresistibly cute might surprise you. Aside from some of the more obvious things like the way you look in a certain hairstyle or outfit, there's plenty of little things you do that you probably think go unnoticed. I asked some of my male friends in relationships and friends' significant others what they find adorable about their partners, and their responses did not disappoint. A few will make you laugh out loud and some will make your heart melt. See 15 small things they found to be totally adorable about their girlfriends.

  1. "It's adorable how happy my girlfriend is when she's on the phone with her mum."
  2. "When she looks in the mirror to admire herself, she tilts her head."
  3. "It's cute when she cries at movies that aren't really that sad."
  4. "How peaceful she looks when she's sleeping."
  5. "I like how much she cares about animals."
  6. "They way she gets when she has a secret or surprise she can't hold in — it's so cute."
  7. "Her hamster snores."
  8. "It's cute how happy she gets about dumplings."
  9. "I like her fake laugh when she's talking on the phone to someone she doesn't want to be talking to."
  10. "How excited she gets with food."
  11. "I like that she's interested in nerdy sh*t, and for real — not just for fakesies. She'll try anything, like play Dungeons and Dragons, without being embarrassed."
  12. "How angry she gets when she loses at a game."
  13. "When she's out cold with her mouth open and all of a sudden she jolts up; cracks me up."
  14. "I like that she wakes up in the middle of the night to get me water because she knows I get thirsty."
  15. "How much she loves my dog and how much my dog loves her back."
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