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1 Trick to Guarantee Laughs During Your Maid of Honour Speech

We've all heard so many maid of honour speeches in our lifetime that after a while, they all start to sound exactly the same. The only ones that leave a mark in our minds are the ones that totally bomb. The ones that are so uncomfortable that we just sit there sweating, waiting for them to be over. Maybe that's because the maid of honour thought it would be funny to talk about that one drunken time in Cancun where x,y,z happened or because she thought it would be a good idea to run through a list of inside jokes that make the entire reception room filled with 134 guests feel totally and completely on the outside.

Giving a laugh-out-loud-funny maid of honour speech is no easy task. When you're the one behind the screen writing it, you'll probably find yourself scratching your head and flirting with the backspace key, trying to figure out what jokes will get the room screeching with laughter and what lines you can cut out because if you leave them in your speech, you'll make everyone there start to snooze.

Instead of focusing on a long list of what you shouldn't do (you can figure that out just by recalling some speeches you've sat through) or giving you a checklist of things you should do (if I did that, you'd probably feel so overwhelmed you'd just buy a speech template off the Internet and call it a day), here's just one simple tip to follow if you want to guarantee laughs with your maid of honour speech.

Write the speech in the same tone that you speak. Instead of writing it, pretend you're sitting down for coffee with the bride. What would you say and how would you say it? Keep that conversational tone throughout the speech so you sound less like a robot and more like someone who is just at brunch, letting your good friend or family know how proud and excited you are for them.

If you're wondering where to start, it's not by opening up a word document and writing down all your feelings. No. Instead, take your phone, open up the voice note app, and record yourself talking. You'll notice doing it that way brings out a more natural and better-flowing speech. Sure, you'll be talking out loud to yourself, but it'll be the greatest conversation you ever had.

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