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Man's Viral Video on Millennial Boyfriends

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Millennial Boyfriend School

Millennial Boyfriend School

Posted by Trey Kennedy on Friday, January 25, 2019

Men, grab a notepad and listen up, because comedian Trey Kennedy is here to teach you everything you need to know about being the picture-perfect millennial boyfriend — with a hilarious twist, of course. In one of his recent weekly videos, the YouTube personality breaks down some "lessons" about the key to a young gal's heart, and the whole thing is just so painfully accurate, I'm honestly wondering if Trey was a millennial woman in a past life.

Before explaining the ideal formula for a mushy goodnight text message, he lays out all the foods a boyfriend should provide his lady to keep her happy, narrowing it down to the acronym "SPIRIT," which stands for sushi, pizza, ice cream, Rosé, iced coffee, and tacos. I mean, he's not wrong. Check out a few other standout teachings below, then join the more than six million people who have viewed Trey's viral video by watching it above.

  • "Who in here thinks you should be the only man in her life? Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. There's gonna be two other men in her life: one's named Ben, one's named Jerry."
  • "When she's in a dark place, dark chocolate in her face."
  • "If you go on vacations with your girl, you're no longer her boyfriend — you're a photographer. You're a Boomerang specialist. You're a frickin' paparazzi."
  • "Any Bachelor fans in the house? All of your hands should be raised. You will be. And if she asks if any of the girls on the show are pretty, remember this: 'Play dumb, save your bum.'"
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