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Same-Sex Disney Couples Kissing

A Disney Cartoon Showed Same-Sex Couples Kissing, and That's Pretty Damn Important

Disney just took a major progressive stride toward being more inclusive — and you may have missed it entirely. The entertainment conglomerate has been known in the past for sticking to tradition, especially when it comes to gender roles and sexuality. However, Disney has certainly been taking steps to embrace diversity in more ways than one.

In a recent episode of Star vs. the Forces of Evil, which airs on Disney XD, same-sex couples were represented in a sweet way. While Star and Marcos Diaz, her best friend, are at a concert, she begins to realise her feelings for him as she watches the show. In a montage that pans over couples in the crowd, we see several same-sex couples kissing as the pop song plays in the background.

The subtle but important moment showing lip-locking concert-goers is a pretty big deal, because it's the first time a Disney animation has shown two characters of the same sex kissing. Hopefully this is just the beginning of Disney being more open to and inclusive of all forms of love. Can we get a hell yes? (And also can we please get a girlfriend for Queen Elsa?)

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