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Sexual Traits You Might Have Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Image Source: Pixabay

"What's your zodiac sign?" might not be the first question you ask before getting into bed with someone, but there's a reason you might want to get the details before hitting those sheets.

Turns out, the stars might be onto something when it comes to your love interests, as it's safe to say sexual chemistry is a pretty important part of a relationship. And there are certain sexual traits and strengths you might have in the bedroom that can either turn your partner on or off, depending on his or her sign.

Of course, this isn't to say that if you're a Sagittarius you shouldn't immediately turn away from a Cancer. But be warned, you might naturally have steamier sex with an Aries, Gemini, Leo, or Aquarius.

Still, no matter which sign you do choose to "woo," taking a peek into your partner's sexual tendencies can help you better understand likes and dislikes and how best to be in sync. So, what to expect? We chatted with astrologer Valerie Mesa for a few tips. Hopefully, not only will sex be more enjoyable, but also that passion will carry over into other areas of the relationship to create greater intimacy and trust.

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