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Sisters Take Epic Wedding Dress Photo as a Thank-You to Their Single Mum

Sisters Take Epic Wedding Dress Photo as a Thank-You to Their Single Mum

Like many parents, single mum Terri McCaffrey always hoped her children would get married. But unlike most parents, she had a specific dream: to have a photo of all four of her daughters in their wedding dresses . . . together.

Most siblings might not have given that request much thought, but last month, Amber Patterson, Kasey, Nikki, and Skylar came through for their proud mama with a portrait that was decades in the making.

With the help of Alabama-based photographer Ashley Sargent, the women gathered together to take a series of photos in their wedding gowns just weeks before the final sister, Nikki, was set to walk down the aisle in December.

Amber, the oldest, had gotten married back in 2005, and her two other sisters soon followed suit — so the idea of getting in their well-worn gowns wasn't without some complications.

"It would difficult for anyone to fit into their wedding dress after a few years, but with a little creativity and the right posing, we made it work, and the girls looked amazing," Sargent told POPSUGAR of the shoot. "We laughed nearly the entire time as the girls unwrapped the dirty dresses and took them out into the woods."

In addition to some classic poses ("I loved that you could see the change in bridal style over time," Ashley noted), the sisters also came with props to represent their personalities. Skylar, the youngest and the only one with kids, held up diapers. Kasey, the second oldest, brought her running shoes. Nikki held a sword to signify her devotion to her faith, and Amber showcased her love of music with her guitar.

Although it was a truly special gift for their mother, Ashley noticed it had an effect on the grooms as well!

"Their husbands all really enjoyed seeing them so giddy and dolled up once again," Ashley said. "Zach, Amber's husband, told me it brought back all the memories from their wedding day. It was for their mum, but I think it was super sweet for the husbands to see them like that once more."

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