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A Century of Wedding Cake Designs That Are Literally Food For Thought

A Century of Wedding Cake Designs That Are Literally Food For Thought
Image Source: iStock

If you're planning a wedding and feeling the pressure to opt for a customary three-tiered iced extravaganza of a cake, you might be interested to know that being "traditional" really depends on what past decade you're talking about.

In 1910, wedding cakes were usually homemade sponge and topped with fresh flowers — and single storey! It wasn't until the '70s and '80s that stiff royal icing and non-edible decorations became the in thing. A new infographic from Fairmont Hotels fascinatingly portrays the evolution of the wedding cake, and it's got us thinking: first, we're so glad we didn't get married in the '80s (sorry, Mum) and second, traditional is a pretty fluid concept.

Scroll for an up-close look at the last hundred years in wedding cakes.

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