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What Makes Women Happy

22 Women Tell Us What Makes Them Happy

In celebration of International Day of Happiness, we asked 20 women, what makes them happy. From the big picture players to the little things that make you smile — like flopping on the couch after a long day and letting out a big sigh — this is what makes Aussie women happy in 2017.

"The very first bite of a really good, juicy burger." — Dani, 29

"Going to bed on a Sunday with a clean apartment, meals prepped and my clothes washed, ironed and organised for the week ahead." — Lara, 23

"Having time to remember moments in my day that are calm and peaceful. Whenever I'm somewhere that makes me feel like that, even if it's just grabbing a coffee, I try and take a mental snapshot to pull up whenever I need it." — Julie, 50

"Alex [my boyfriend] and I have our computer screens set up next to each other at home, so I'm happiest when we're side-by-side playing a video game or writing together. There's a lot of laughter, coffee and swearing at randoms on the Internet. It's the best." — Tegan, 31

"Having D&Ms with the important women in my life." — Elle, 31

"Buying expensive footwear!" — Rena, 30

"Reading a news story about someone doing something kind or helpful for a stranger." — Ashley, 24

"Not having any plans on a weekend! Though that's just a dream, I know, but I'm happiest when enjoying Sunday lunch with my family and, most importantly, having my children around me." — Bianca, 50

"Getting into a new show on Netflix and rushing home to watch another ep." — Alison, 31

"My group chat with my two besties. Picking up my phone and having messages from them is the best." — Grace, 29

"Sitting on the couch while Jason [my fiance] makes me a frozen margarita on a Saturday afternoon! Followed by eating a pepperoni pizza to myself while watching season seven of Friends." — Amanda, 28

"Visiting my beautiful family and settling straight back into old habits — 'Mum, when's dinner gonna be ready?' — and appreciating every minute with them." — Jenny, 29

"Calling my 82-year-old Nanna to talk about a new film that's out, she's always already seen it by the time I get to it and her (and her friend's) opinions are always entertaining." — Lena, 27

"Floating on my back in the ocean on a sunny day." — Liz, 37

"The entire process of going to see a movie. Popcorn, cosy jumpers, a drink, a comfy seat . . . It's a dedicated 90 minutes of entertainment, which feels so rare these days!." — Gen, 29

"Going on a roadtrip with my bestfriends. I am happiest when I am listening to a killer '00s RnB playlist, sitting in one of a three car convoy, heading to a new adventure with my best friends and fiancé." — Tiff, 25

"One of the things I look forward to most is weight training each day. I train with my partner, and it's become almost zen for us to hit the iron. There's always been that stigma that weight training will make a woman appear 'masculine' or too 'muscly', but if ever it makes me feel stronger, empowered and more determined to hit goals." — Nina, 25

"Lying in bed on the weekend and listening to my two-year-old son talking to himself and saying all the new words and phrases he's learnt — so cute!" — Teri, 32

"When I go to French school and can carry a relatively fluid conversation with my teacher." — Mel, 27

"Listening to Stephen Fry read Harry Potter to me while I'm tidying my house, and texting my husband when I hear something I'd totally forgotten." — Alex, 29

"Visiting a new city for the first time. It's gives me such a rush of happiness and excitement not knowing what I might be about to see." — Sammi, 28

"Sitting around the kitchen table with my beautiful family, eating delicious food and having a laugh. It would also help if it was raining outside and we were nice and cosy inside." — Carina, 31

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