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What Is Mansplaining?

Women Share the Most Cringeworthy Things Men Have Mansplained to Them

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Women Share the Most Cringeworthy Things Men Have Mansplained to Them
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There are probably a lot of guys who (still) don't know what mansplaining is, but thanks to a recent thread started by UK writer and researcher Nicole Froio, men can get a better understanding of what it really is and why it's ridiculously sexist. According to my fellow POPSUGAR co-worker, "Mansplaining is when guys condescendingly try to tell women things that those women already know (possibly even better than the guys do)". That about sums it up. If you're a woman, you're probably all too familiar with the term. From "how to pronounce my last name" to that "women can't sleep on their stomachs because of their breasts," these incidences of mansplaining will make you laugh, cry, cringe, or all of the above.

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