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It's hard not to love a guy who's easy on the eyes, but it's their personality traits that truly keep us interested. I had a big discussion with the female editors of POPSUGAR, and we had a similar answer to what many women (those interested in men, of course) consistently find attractive in a guy. We all agreed that the sexiest trait in a man is passion.

Passionate men are motivated, confident, and care about living a fulfilled life. Passion is something that is important both personally and professionally, so a guy who projects that on his partner is a keeper. You won't find a guy who's spirited about his work, friends, and family sitting on the couch all day doing nothing. He cares about where his life is going, which means he will care about his relationship with you as well.

Here's what some of the editors said about passionate men:

"If a man is passionate, it usually translates to other areas in his life. He's more likely to care about his work and loved ones." — Nicole (23)

"I love seeing a guy care about something he loves. It means he can care about our relationship as well." — Hilary (28)

"Being with someone who is passionate — whether it's about his job, his hobbies, travelling to new places, the people in his life, good food, or experiencing new things — keeps the relationship interesting. When you're with someone for the long haul, there's nothing sexier than seeing your partner light up about the things that excite him." — Tara (32)

"Men with passion tell me that they're interested in more than just their day-to-day routine. It shows to me that they're adventurous and looking for something more to life." — Ann-Marie (25)

On the flip side, what's the biggest turn off in men? Most women said cockiness. Being overly confident and acting like you're better than everyone else is a huge deal breaker. A relationship is an equal partnership, and making someone feel inferior by bragging is not going to work. Plus, it's embarrassing to bring a cocky guy around friends and family. He will come across as someone who is more interested in himself than the woman he is with.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with being confident. A man just can't take it to a level of arrogance. There's a huge difference! We want to hear about your accomplishments and life, but there's a modest way to share those things. Nobody is "the best" and this isn't a competition. That's why passion is so wonderful. It allows a man to share his interests in a way that's attractive. Passion can also translate to the bedroom, and we're not complaining there. Wouldn't you agree?

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