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Why You Were Dumped, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Breakups are never easy, and most of the time they leave us with a lot of questions: was this the right decision? Could it have been avoided? Whose fault was it really?

Thankfully, in times of self-doubt, we can always turn to astrology. While not an exact science (or a recognised major at most non-Hogwarts scholarly institutions), astrology is nevertheless a time-honoured tradition for explaining human behaviour. Most people turn to it for greater self-awareness, which makes astrology an instrumental tool in explaining someone's flaws or self-sabotaging tendencies.

We've examined the personality traits of each star sign that are most likely to ruin a relationship and broken them down for you here. That way, during your next breakup, you can always reassure your ex (or yourself), "It's not you. It's your zodiac sign."

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