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Zodiac Sign Flaws

Why You Were Dumped, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Why You Were Dumped, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Breakups are never easy, and most of the time they leave us with a lot of questions: was this the right decision? Could it have been avoided? Whose fault was it really?

Thankfully, in times of self-doubt, we can always turn to astrology. While not an exact science (or a recognised major at most non-Hogwarts scholarly institutions), astrology is nevertheless a time-honoured tradition for explaining human behaviour. Most people turn to it for greater self-awareness, which makes astrology an instrumental tool in explaining someone's flaws or self-sabotaging tendencies.

We've examined the personality traits of each star sign that are most likely to ruin a relationship and broken them down for you here. That way, during your next breakup, you can always reassure your ex (or yourself), "It's not you. It's your zodiac sign."

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