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'How To Be A Good B*tch' Podcast

'How to Be a Good B*tch' Is the New Unfiltered Podcast You Need in Your Life

It's a tough life out there for millennial women — we're trying to battle between being the "cool girl" yet still be assertive about our worth and what we want, are expected to have a side hustle even though we're already slaves to the 9 to 5, and are encouraged to masturbate in a world where it's still a relatively taboo subject.

It's hard to even navigate this existence let alone be a good human while you're at it.

It's refreshing, then, that a new podcast breaks down these concepts — from dating to career expectations and getting down with self-love and the best version of yourself, whatever than means — with zero judgement. "We're just two average bitches trying to live good lives," says co-hosts Julia Rangiheuea and Jodi Clarke.

In case you were wondering — being "a good b*itch" is 100% a term of endearment and is all about embracing those Lizzo vibes and being unashamedly you. The first episode dropped this week, discussing everything from whether or not it's OK to masturbate on a family holiday to posting thirst-traps in a world without like numbers, right through to doing the deed with a blue-tick.

You can listen to the refreshingly unfiltered poddy below. We're absolutely here for this embracing of our good, bad selves on the way to work.

Get around it here:

Image Source: @julesrangi
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