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How to Make Sex Feel Better

All the Places You Can Lick, Touch, Kiss and Suck to Heighten Sexual Pleasure

The chances of you having already explored your sexual partners erogenous zones without even knowing it are highly likely. Erogenous zones are certain parts of the body that have a high concentration of nerve endings that when touched, kissed, licked and sucked can help to stimulate and heighten sexual pleasure.

According to Lovehoney's sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight, women's bodies have 25 erogenous zones that can be explored, "Most women are completely unaware of all the pleasure zones on our bodies and we are missing out on a lot of sexual happiness by not exploring them all." And in this case, knowledge is power in the bedroom.

While there is no guarantee that every one of these spots will arouse your partner (everyone's body reacts differently), there is one zone that we all have in common, the brain. "The most important erogenous zone for both sexes is, of course, the brain," says Annabelle. "It fires our imaginations, making us better and more adventurous lovers, and it makes the connection between visual stimulation and physical touch even more intense."

So once we've washed our hands, where should we be placing them?

Erogenous Zones for Both Sexes


This one goes both ways, running your fingers through your partner's hair, gently tugging and pulling, stimulates those nerve endings and can really get them going.


Ok, so this one has to be done right or it can be kinda creepy (I said what I said!). Whispering a little dirty talk in your partner's ear, moaning a little and gently biting and kissing their ear can often spark a little excitement.


This one's a no brainer really, but we recommend slow, passionate kissing and gently biting their lower lip.

Throat, Neck and Collarbones

Again, another obvious one that you're probably well versed in already, but running your tongue, lips and fingers up and down your partner's neck and along their collarbone can and will get the blood pumping.


When done the right way, a good sensual back massage with a little oil can be the perfect pathway to foreplay.


As a female, I will tell you that you should never shy away from nipple play — unless it's off limits for her — nipples are incredibly responsive to touch and can be a great way to heighten sexual pleasure. Gently touching, squeezing, sucking the nipple and even breath play can all add a little something into the mix.

Inner arms, Armpits and Wrists

I almost don't want to group these together because they all vary in enjoyment for people. However when done correctly (and when your partners into it), something as simple as running your fingers down their arm or kissing their wrist can really drive people wild. Though, I recommend asking about the armpit before diving into that one, for obvious reasons. Not kink shaming, just always better to ask first.

Hands and Fingertips

This one also feels quite obvious, but playing with hands, hand massages and even hand tickles can all ignite a little fire.

Belly Button

The lower abdomen is the perfect place for a little teasing during foreplay. Kissing, licking and touching your partner so close yet just far enough away from their vagina or penis can really get the imagination going just thinking about where things might lead.

Perineum aka the Gooch

The gooch is situated in the middle of two big nerve endings so it's in the perfect position for a little teasing pleasure. Apply a little pressure while giving oral and see if they're into it.


Yep, your butt is packed with some serious pleasure potential. There are so many nerve endings around the butt that all kinds of play — masturbation, penetrative sex and massage — can awaken hidden pleasures.

Inner thighs

This one's under valued in my humble opinion, a good caressing or kissing of the inner thigh can drive your partner WILD. Think about where the inner thigh leads . . . kissing, licking and slowly moving your hands up the inner thigh is such a tease and a fun way to get things started!

Back of the Knees and Ankles

This one's a little more uncommon but still worth a (consensual) try. Try brushing the back of your partner's legs with your finger tips, or if you've got one, a whip.


Alright, y'all knew this one way coming. Super divisive yet effective (?), giving your partner a foot rub can awaken so many nerve endings in their feet that it can spark arousal. Foot fetishes are a thing for a reason, guys! I don't make the rules.

Men's Specific Erogenous Zones

Penis, Foreskin and Frenulum

Alright quick anatomy lesson: Penis and foreskin, you already know what they are, but Frenulum you probably don't know by name. A Frenulum is the thin strip of tissue that connects the foreskin to the head of the penis and it's stacked with nerve endings that are just waiting to be excited. Just go a little easy, you don't wanna snap any banjo strings, you know?! Just gentle licking and stroking should do the trick.

Scrotum and Testicles

All I can hear right now as I write this is a male friend of mine telling my group of friends as a PSA to never forget the balls and he wasn't wrong. Cupping, playing and GENTLY tugging at the balls while giving head is a sure fire way to heighten your man's sexual experience.


Yep, getting friendly with the male G-Spot or P-Spot, is another way to add another layer of pleasure to your man's sexual experience. Just make sure you have consent, lube and an open line of communication while attempting this one. Have fun and be gentle.

Women's Specific Erogenous Zones

The Clitoris

While this one might feel super obvious, knowing exactly how to awaken those 8000 nerve endings is ART — and different for every girl, no two clits are the same, my dudes. Ask your girl what she likes, try different ways of licking, sucking, kissing and rubbing to figure out what feels good for her and once you're onto something good, KEEP GOING (unless she tells you to stop). Ladies, if you're all about that solo pleasure right now, try out different sex toys and positions to see what brings on the big O.


Another obvious one, however only 30 percent of people with a vagina can actually climax through vaginal stimulation alone. And the only way you'll know if you're one of them is to try it all — together with your partner or alone through masturbation, try different positions, different toys, different means of arousal (porn) — give yourself permission to try it ALL.

And last but definitely not least, the G-Spot

Located a few inches inside the front wall of the vagina is a woman's G-spot. It's one of the most nerve filled spots inside the vagina and the best way to give your girl (or yourself) a raging orgasm. It can be a little tricky to find the right position with your partner, or dildo, that continuously stimulates the spot enough to spark an orgasm, but once you find what works, you'll know about it, trust me. Start with your fingers and feel around for a raised, ridge, firm feeling area that's around 2.5-3 inches inside the vagina on the upper wall towards your belly button, once you've found that you'll know where to start exploring. We recommend these positions.

Image Source: Bellesco Instagram
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